Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Lemonade - live at The Aftershock, Reseda, CA 8/7/96

Better known in some circles as Arthur Lee's backing band for the final touring version of Love, Baby Lemonade have been even more vital to these ears as an entity unto themselves.  The "entity" in question released just two LPs (68% Pure Imagination in 1996, and Exploring Music two years later) and a couple eps before going on indefinite hiatus at the turn of the millennium.  All of these were independent releases that didn't make much of a dent outside their home turf of L.A.  Live Baby Lemonade bootlegs are a rarity, but on a sultry August '96 night in Reseda, CA at a dive dubbed The Aftershock this concert was committed to tape, and roughly ten years later disseminated on the internet to a selective few, myself included.  The setlist is drawn almost entirely from that first album 68% Pure Imagination, which means plenty of crunchy, post-paisley rock, and yes, the boys indulge in a Love cover, fittingly enough (ok, it was also on the album too but who's counting)?    

The curator of this recording created some none-too-spectacular artwork, including a tray card bearing a track list that's slightly don't blame me.  Enjoy (or not). 

01. Our Lips Are Sealed/Santanaclaus
02. Luminosity
03. Tailor in the Making
04. Backofavan
05. The Medicine
06. Pop Tarte
07. Heads or Tails
08. You Set the Scene
09. Brooke and the Sandman
10. outro


Pep Sonic said...

Thank you very much for all, friend. I love this site. Always fanastic music.

gabbazoo said...

I think they have 3 albums, you forgot The Highlife Suite (2000)


gabbazoo said...

oops might be 2001

spavid said...

I've always The Highlife Suite to be more of an ep...maybe we can split the difference and call it a "mini-album."