Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hollins Ferry - s/t (1977, Port City)

I certainly wish I could say I own this record, however I once again face the options of not sharing this at all, or going with a virtual facsimile I was able to procure by the grace of file sharing platform Soulseek. I learned of Hollins Ferry a few years ago, upon doing a random power-pop search on Ebay. Amidst all the Yellow Pills comps and Matthew Sweet disks, I stumbled upon a listing for this ostensibly ultra-rare LP from Baltimore's Hollins Ferry, yet another in a long line of Wilfully Obscure entries where I have minimal background details to allow me to expound at greater length. As was the case with all the crucial proto-power pop bands of the '70s, this trio were clearly groomed on the Beatles, particularly Paul McCartney's contributions. Furthermore, Hollins Ferry wear a myriad of period influences on their collective sleeve, including Emitt Rhodes, Badfinger, and somewhat less pronounced, Pilot, CSNY, and Big Star circa Radio City. I've decided not to be a spoiler, and will instead let you play "spot the influence" on a song-by-song basis at your leisure, but there are several highlights lurking in the grooves here including "Surprise," '"Too Bad About Sorrows," and the sublime opener "Take My Love." Though not a through-and-through goldmine, this album is special enough to warrant a reissue (not to mention an "Extremely, Highly Recommended" touting from Not Lame Records' Bruce Brodeen). Maybe someday.

An insightful review of the record can be read here, while guitarist Rob Fahey has his own site, but divulges virtually no details on Hollins Ferry, save for a pic of the record sleeve. Fahey found greater success in the eighties with his subsequent band, The Ravyns (featured on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack), and continues to perform solo on a fairly copious basis.

01. Take My Love
02. Downtime Menagerie
03. Sparkles
04. Lonely CIty
05. Suprise
06. Love From Above
07. Too Bad About Sorrows
08. Morning Breezes
09. Turn Your Back
10. Patent Leather Lady
11. The Journey
12. Love You Forever


Shriner said...

This was very enjoyable. Thanks for finding/sharing this!

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Thanks for the Hollins Ferry! I live in Baltimore and was lucky enough to see The Ravyns quite few times - looking forward to this one.

lron said...

Many many thanks for let me know this gem!
I didn't know this band. Is excellent!

tony said...

I live in Baltimore and had the pleasure of knowing and seeing Hollins Ferry perform many times. They covered Badfinger's "No Matter What" and "Baby Blue" better than any other cover band I've heard to this day,not to mention a ton of others songs. There musicianship and vocal and lead harmonies were superb. Listenin to this album has brought back many memories!

T Vega said...

T. Vega here(Hollins Ferry Drummer)..I appreciate all of your comments very much. The Hollins Ferry album is soon to be available in a remastered digital format. A new Hollins Ferry Album will follow..Stay tuned...TV

Marc Rothe said...

I have a sealed copy of this, are you interested in buying it??


link is dead... please!!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.



Unknown said...

Dead link, or at least I can't download it. Since I discovered this blog just a few hours ago, is there any chance to reupload this album, please? Thanks.

spavid said...

I just refreshed the link. Give it another try.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!!!

Pally Marx said...


Thanks a lot for the reupload!



Charles Nixon said...

Please re-up!


9u9 said...

It is still up as of 10-2-16

Unknown said...

The first time I ever heard this band was on my 18th birthday and Maryland had reduced the drinking age to 18. We came to hear Hollins Ferry everytime they played. I just purchased the item online and am so excited ! I loved their music then and it all came flooding back when I heard it. They were a great group !! As I turn 60 thi year my appreciation of that era of music only deepens.