Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Helen Keller Plaid - Din (1989, Mad Rover)

Helen Keller Plaid may have emerged from Sacramento, CA, but they brandished a swagger and spirit akin to Midwest contemporaries Soul Asylum and the Magnolias. Their debut album, Din, exudes a taught balance between grit and melodicism, though a cover of David Essex' "Rock On," strikes me as a tad random. Even though major changes in the "modern rock" strata would soon be afoot after the release of this album, HKP were still wholly representative of the college-rock underground of their era. Very little is to be unearthed about this quartet on the web, including the origins of their offbeat name, but a second album, One Swell Foop, was released in 1991.

01. If I
02. Take the Fifth
03. Leaving
04. She Covers Up
05. Changed My Mind
06. Sunday
07. x10
08. Rock On
09. Another Eight
10. Starting Line



Jon B. said...

I totally missed this one back in the day. The early Soul Asylum / Magnolias comparison is spot on. Thanks!

therunner1998 said...

I'm a long-time fan of Helen Keller Plaid. In fact, the lead singer and songwriter was the best man at my wedding. We enjoyed seeing this - and I'm personally very thankful that you ripped Din - I own a few copies but I downloaded it anyway!

RonK said...

The name comes from a line in the Scorsese film, King of Comedy.

jimmybuttons said...

man, i LOVE this album!! i have a later LP, but this one skipped my radar, now i must hunt down a vinyl copy, thanx to YOU!!
cheers for a bloggy new years!!

zuiop said...

take a look at http://www.helenkellerplaid.com/

where the origin of the name is explained. (Fun Facts)
And where THIS blog is mentioned!
(HKP on the web)

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