Sunday, October 28, 2007

Datura Seeds - Who Do You Want It to Be? (1989)

Although Who Do You Want It to Be? was released well into the digital age (1989 to be exact) Datura Seed's lone album was for whatever the reason a vinyl-only affair. That is partially why I was inspired to post it - that and the fact that it was a great album, totally overlooked by the punks and the indie-pop kids. Hailing from Indianapolis, the Datura Seeds lineage is fairly straightforward. It essentially falls on the most recognizable name in the lineup, Paul Mahern, lead singer for the talented Indy hardcore band The Zero Boys who burned out in the early 80s, and again for a little while during the '90s.

Who Do You Want It to Be? owes little or nothing to the Zero Boys spastic, whiplash punk, but didn't cater to the elitist college-rock movement of it's era either. The Datura Seeds almost effortlessly exuded sprite, trebely power-pop cum post-punk, with a unique angle on things, courtesy of Mahren's nasally pipes and a crack backing band that couldn't have been a more appropriate fit. You just have to hear it, to hear it, so press that right mouse button now. If you dig, go here for a handful of non-lp Datura songs, including the fine b-side "D.A. Pop," and a couple of demos.

01. S&P '69
02. Volume
03. Circus Chameleon
04. Trust You With My Head
05. Man Named Chris
06. Anticipate the Sun
07. Dale Carnegie
08. Reclaimit
09. Amelia
10. Folk Thing
11. Sidewalk


b. brown said...

Hey great post. I love everything Paul has done. Zero Boys...just too darn good.

Tim said...

great blog...i have this LP and haven't listened to it in years...good choice, though!

Circus-Szalewski said...

For the sake of historical accuracy, this album was also released on audio cassette (also Toxic Shock). I consider my used copy to be a magical "find" at a locally-owned Chicago music store in 1992 after moving from Indiana where I'd had the great fortune to enjoy a couple live shows by Datura Seeds. The cassette was played almost non-stop that whole summer. Excellent.

Dana said...

yeah, this album had a magical grip on me when i bought it on a whim in a used record store in california. thanks for making this site!

Anonymous said...

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cody666 said...

any way to re-up this one?

cody666 said...

Pretty please re-up?

spavid said...

Link has been replaced.

cody666 said...

thank you kind sir.

cody666 said...

thank you kind sir.

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

Good stuff! Thanks!

Eclipse said...

I still have my cassette aand listen to it often, i ordered back then because the ad said "hard pop" this was before there were pop punk bands everywhere