Monday, August 27, 2007

Tommy Tutone - National Emotion (1983)

Why Tommy Tutone of all things? Because I can. And because I don't have another damn thing ripped at the moment, and I'm lazy. Overlooked, and undoubtedly underrated, this followup to Tommy Tutone 2, the album that spawned the band's signature hit "867-5309" was as good as it's predecessor. Don't set your expectations too low. National Emotion never made it's appearance onto CD by the way.

Don't fret, there will be hipper selections in the days to come.
01. Dumb But Pretty
02. Someday Will Come
03. Laverne
04. National Emotion
05. Get Around Girl
06. I Believe
07. Money Talks
08. Imaginary Heart
09. Sticks and Stones
10. I Wanna Touch Her


BenT said...

The first album, simply "Tommy Tutone" has always been their best, in my book. I remember "Angel Say No" getting some local airplay in the Summer of 1981.
the tracks "Cheap Date" and "Girl in the Back Seat" were on a few of my heavily-played 1980s mixtapes.

Greg W. said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I bought this (on tape) at a special time in my life, and hearing it again now brings it all back. I agree that it's a strong album, one near the top of my "why didn't it get more play?" list.

DJ Mr Smith said...

Yo! The killer cut is "Get Around Girl".

ddellwo said...

Definitely one of the most overlooked albums of the 1980's that certainly did not get its due! Do pop songs really get any better than "Dumb But Pretty"? "Sticks and Stones" is also a wonderful tune! One of the few albums I've always wanted on CD that was never released as such by the label....:(

realgone74 said...

'National Emotion' is a really under-rated record. It's long overdue a CD release...

Check out my review of the Tutone debut on my blog at the link below. By coincidence, you'll find the Parasites on there too.

Sam said...

Do you have better cover art, larger with higher resolution? Thanks

Ron Bleg said...

Bummer, the link is dead. :(

:p said...

Can you please reupload it? This album is so hard to find! Thank you very very much in advance! ^^

Jonathan Patten said...

Any chance we could get a re-upload of this, possily in FLAC?