Saturday, April 17, 2021

Long, long overdue re-ups, part 2

This is a completely different set of restored links than the one I posted a few nights back.  I think I've attended to all (if not most) of your requests from the past four months, and have renewed a couple dozen more on top of that.  Again, sorry for the extended delay.

11th Hour - 7" ep

84 Nash - Band For Hire   

9353 - Overdoses at Your Mother's House

Arcwelder - Jacket Made in Canada/This, singles (MP3/FLAC)

Jon Auer - 1994 demos

Band of Susans - Blessing and Curse ep & Peel Sessions

Bender - tape

Big Star - live Chicago 6/8/94 

The Black Watch - Short Stories ep 

Blake Babies - Sunburn demos, Nicely Nicely ep, live Columbus, OH 1991 (FLAC only)

The Blases - s/t

Blue Movie - Hearts in Clubs & Milking the Masters

The Books - Expertise  

Brown Lobster Tank - Our First Album

Cactus World News - Spin Radio 1986 concert LP

Cameraface - After the Scream  

Change of Heart - Soapbox

Citrus Groove - Sunswayed ep

Comsat Angels - Red Planet ep, Unravelled, demos & live

Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane & Lisp ep 

The Crime - Crash City USA

Cucumbers - Who Betrays Me...

The Dads - s/t  

The Downsiders - All My Friends Are Fish & s/t

Even the Odd - s/t

The Fluid - Clear Black Paper & Freak Magnet

Fossil - s/t

Fudge - The Ferocious Rhythm..., Southside Speedway, singles

The Fugue - Waiting for Something 

Furys - Indoor/Outdoor ep

G-Whiz - Eat at Ed's LP and split 7" w/ Lonely Trojans

Huw Gower - Guitarophilia ep

Happy Hate Me Nots - Out

Harvey Street - What About George? ep 

Imitation Life - Scoring Correctly... & Ice Cubes and Sugar  

Instructions - s/t

Jane From Occupied Europe - Coloursound

The Johnsons - s/t

Lifers - This House 

Liquor Giants - Every Other Day at a Time & Here

Lotion - two eps

Lovers Under Pressure - The Elvis Years & Island tape

Ludicrous Lollipops - A Part & Scrumdiddlyumptious eps

Marshal Fields - s/t  

Material Issue - Eleven Supersonic Hit Explosions

Mega City Four - live album, Terribly Sorry Bob, Magic Bullets, cd singles

Mercyland - No Feet on the Cowling

Not Shakespeare - ep & Edge of the World

The Ocean Blue - s/t LP live (MP3/FLAC) & Cerulean (MP3/FLAC)

One Million Pieces - Deep Dark Hole 7"

Outskirts - Heaven's on the Move ep

Plasterscene Replicas - Glow (MP3/FLAC))

Pluto - Shake Hands With the Future & singles 

The Reels - s/t  

Right As Rain - s/t ep & Undertown

Sheriff Jack - Let's Be Nonchalant ep

Shortfall - Hooray for Everything

Small 23 - Cakes ep, singles, split single w/ J Church

The Squalls - Rebel Shoes

Starry Eyes - s/t ep

Sweet Jesus - discography 

The Talk - Not Just Hearsay

The Tickets - retrospective

The Town Cryers - All's Well ep 

Timco - Friction Tape & singles 

Ultracherry Violet - I Fall to Pieces & demo

Ups and Downs - singles & Rash ep 

V/A - Fish Hips & Turkey Lips

V/A - The Kitty Comp - Pts 1 & 2

V/A - Metrojets, Vols. 1 & 2

V/A - Propeller

Venus Beads - Incision, Black Aspirin/Transfixed, A Client/Shackled, first single

Velvet Elvis - s/t & What in the World

Verbow - Chronicles

Verichrome Tulips - Le Lac Leman

Vigil - s/t

Visitors - No Sign of Intelligent Life

Voodoo Gearshift - s/t

Walt Mink - El Producto & Listen Little Man/The Poll Riders Win Again!

Werefrogs - It's Real 7" 


Mike said...

Cheers for the Venus Beads re-ups!

jamesinvain said...

Really appreciate the Sweet Jesus re-up! Finding lots of other cool stuff amongst these too!