Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Long, long overdue re-ups, part 1.

Well, I'm about four months behind my game in refreshing dead links you've requested.  Here's the first of what's looking like three tranches of updates I hope to be posting this week/weekend, and possibly into next week.  The emphasis in this list is on requests that were posted in December and January. Thanks so much for your patience, and btw, I'm looking into a more permanent storage solution that I might have up and running later this summer or fall.

Off Broadway - live in the studio & unreleased 

Gladhands - All is Well (That Ends Well)

Senselesss Things - Empire of the Senseless

Buzz of Delight - Soundcastles ep

Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep

Winter Hours - live Cabaret Metro 1989 (MP3 or FLAC

Dramarama - Live at House of Blues San Diego 2008

Summercamp - unreleased second album & Tonight ep 

Reeve Oliver - California ep, You're Gonna Win ep & Reevolution ep

V/A - 2015 Chanukah Singles bundle 

Riff Doctors - tape

Hege V - House of Tears

Sheer Thursday - Expecting the Grass 

Frontier Theory - Atlantic & No Waltz in the Meadow 

Pop Art - Long Walk to Nowhere, Perfect Mental Picture, s/t ep 

Parasites - Pair of Sides

New Math - Wake the Dead

Pooh Sticks - Formula One Generation 

Study of the Lifeless - s/t  

Edge Park - Personal Fable

The Restless - s/t LP

The Pony - Thorns and Cutlery

The Dentists - Heads and How to Read Them, Powdered Lobster Fiasco, Naked ep  

The Numbers - Add Up

Redd Kross - Third Eye demos

Otis & the Elevators - Some Career & Cross the Bridge

Third Floor Strangers - Last Chance

The Suburbans - Pop Life

NoNames - End of the Beginning 

Nothing But Happiness - Detour

China Shop - Atomic Notions ep 

Parallel 5th - s/t ep 

Boys Life - s/t ep

Expando Brain - Mother of God LP 

The Bardots - Eye-Baby & Sad Anne

Velo- Deluxe - House of Sin Recordings

Antenna - two eps 

The Special Goodness - At Some Point... 

Cost of the Living - Comic Book Page & Day of Some Lord 

Opossums - (marsupial eruptus)

Alcohol Funnycar - singles

Menthol - USA Capable 7" 

Newkeys - Acts of Love & Not Just Alright 7"

Enemies in the Grass - Blind Crossing ep & 7"

Kid With Man Head - Awful, Terrible.... 7" & demo

Pitchfork - Needle in a Haystack demo

Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Singles and Rarities 

Shaking Hands - No Laughing Matter ep

The Wrench - Worry When We Get There & Cop Krueller ep

People Have Names - 7" 

The Scruffs - 7"

Sammy - Babe Come Down 7" & Chili Lite 7" 

Gathering Ground - Figure it Out ep

The Hook Generation - s/t ep 

Populuxe - tape

V/A - Wiener Dog Comp - part 1 & 2

The Mockers - Culprit and the King 

Loomis - You're No Tiger... & How Much is Too Much

Troubled Hubble - The Sun Beamed...


Malaspina said...

Thanks spavid. I will look through the reposts.

Buffalo Music Archive said...

Wow! Thank you very much!

DiggityDawg said...

Thanks for the Redd Kross "Third Eye" demos!!!!!

Jim H. said...

Thanks much for some of these pop gems!!! Many i've downloaded in previous re-ups, but I always RE downlownload them in case my removable drives crap out! I saw recently that Pierre Baroni, who was the singer and leader of Melbourne, AU band The Pony, of which you posted their first album 'Thorns and Curlery', died of cancer.......i've been looking for a digital copy of one of their later 45's on Mushroom, called "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter', if anyone comes across that!!!! :)

D said...

wow said I

tom said...

Thanks for The Scruffs 7"

lolo said...

Thank you man!


Rob-in-Brevard said...

You re-upped a coupla my requests. Thanks!

Hellmitten said...

Am I the only one that can't figure out how the hell to work this Zippy Share without getting a million pop ups?! I really want that unreleased Summercamp record!

spavid said...

Wow, I appreciate you alerting us to the sad news that Pierre of The Pony had passed away.

Hellmitten, sorry for your woes with Zippyshare. If you haven't done so already you may have better luck with a different browser. I may be switching to a new file hoster later this year.