Friday, December 4, 2020

Re-ups for December.

Another hearty menu based on your requests. Dig in.

Aztec Camera - Digging Through Those Dustbins, Live Manchester 1981 (MP3 or FLAC) & Live Universal City, CA 1983 (MP3 or FLAC

The Sugarplastic - Polly Brown ep, Primitive Plastic, demo tape, Radio Jejune, Ottawa Bonesaw, Sheep 7"

The Posies - Broadcasts Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Off Broadway - Live 1980 (MP3 & FLAC) & unreleased 

The Dads - s/t LP

Fools Face - Tell America

The Misstakes - National Pastime  

Tommy Keene - Strange Alliance

The Pursuit of Happiness - Love Junk demos & unreleased  

Bored Games - Who Killed Colonel Mustard? ep (MP3 or FLAC)

Idiot Savant - The Rest on Down ep

After Words - s/t ep

Cars Get Crushed - Blue & West and Drag Explosive 

Senator Flux - The Criminal Special & Storyknife

Phantom Planet - rarities 

Jolt - Proof of Total Collapse tape & singles

New Sweet Breath - singles

Popular Front - This is the Rubicon tape 

Phones - Stick Man ep

Beauty Constant - Like the Enemy LP & demos

The Heaters - Energy Transfer

Start - Look Around 

The Colours - Details at Thirteen ep

Matinee Idols - Leaving Limbo ep

Infections - Sub-Rosa

Daddy in His Deep Sleep - Alone With Daddy

Enemies - Products of the Street ep

The Restless - s/t LP

Ramrods - s/t CD

Flop - singles 

Jupiter - Arum 

The Marshes - Fledgling   

The Crush - Here is Where I Cross My Fingers

Self - Codename: Spivey

V/A - Teen Line #7  

V/A - Self Mutilation

V/A - White Light, White Heat tribute 

V/A - Souvenirs: Little Gems of Pop

V/A - Give Me the Cure (Cure tribute)

V/A - Sounds Showcase 2 ep

V/A - Declaration of Independents 

Bamff - Come Outside

Radio Berlin - The Selection Drone 

Wishing Wall - Maybe

Delfields - Ogres

The Finders - Demos 

Strypes - I Dream 7"

The Blacklisted - Something Different 7" 

Town Cryers - All's Well ep

The Strand - Seconds Waiting 

Jet Black Berries - Sundown on Venus

Ultra Cindy - Mermaid's ParadeWhirlwind 7"

Bleach - Snag & Eclipse eps

Sometime Sweet Susan - Fuse, Point ep, The Coming Lights

Cell - Everything Turns ep

Monsterland - At One With Time ep & Loser Friendly ep 

Nocturnal Projections - Nerve Ends in Power Lines  

Wobble Test - trixinickybambibo tape

Bring Home the Lobsters - tape 

92 Degrees - s/t

Versus - Let's Electrify 

Sunday Cannons - Red to the Rind ep

The Mutts - Stinko's Ranch & s/t ep  

The Garden Path - 5 Reasons

Lifeboat - s/t ep

Polo - s/t ep

Phil 'n The Blanks - Multiple Choice  

The Cry - s/t

The Reivers (Zeitgeist) - KUT Radio, Austin

The Doctors Children - King Buffalo 

The Hairs - Subcutaneous

Naiomi's Hair - Bag Truck tape & Tara

The Marnies - Electric Wires 7"

In One - Sour Yellow State 7"

Rail - two eps 

Brody - Against Forgetting 7"

Trusty - 7"

The Trans Megetti - Rent a Rocket 7"

Gardener - Intermission 7"  

Lion Tamer - 7"

Gwens/Breezy Porticos - split 7"

Drive - covers 7"


Jim H. said...

THANKS for all your re-ups!!! I swear, i have some kinda voodoo on my system, where things appear and disappear!!! :)

Indiggy said...

Thanks for the re-ups - much appreciated!!!

Scott M Decker said...

The VA - Give Me The Cure rar file,

contains the Trojan:Script/Conteban.A!ml malware.

lolo said...

Thank you again! We love you, really

take care

Buffalo Music Archive said...

Thank you! Merry Christmas!

spavid said...

Scott, in regards to the Cue tribute file are you getting the error when you download it or unzip? I was able to do both without any error.

You're welcome folks!

Popville said...

Awesome reposts! But this one shows expired & unavailable:

The Sugarplastic - Primitive Plastic

Maybe the link posted was the old one?

Scott M Decker said...

If you'd like assistance, my email is ucdscott.spam at the owner of

spavid said...

I just fixed the Sugarplastic "Primitive Plastic" link.

Popville said...

Thnx, Primitive Plastic dl'd & unzipped.

Josef Kloiber said...