Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Re-ups for October.

Thanks for your patience on these.  Will try to get some new music to you this week as well.

V/A - Teen Line - Vols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Mission of Burma - Electro-acoustic sessions

Tommy Keene - 1981 & '84 demos

Jason Falkner - rarities

Splitsville - Amateur Hour

Breaking Circus - The Very Long Fuse, The Ice Machine, Smokers Paradise

Rifle Sport - Voice of Reason and Primo & White

Nice Strong Arm - Mind Furnace and Stress City

milf - ha ha bus!, antidope, feasting on fried afterthoughts 1 & 2, rock salad, everyone should stop doing everything, split single with Tugboat Annie

Dole - The Speed of Hope

The Freshies - Rough 'n Ready tape

Chris Sievey - Big Ready LP + 7"

Titanic Love Affair -No Charisma ep, Their Titanic Majesties Requests and Ice Cream Funeral tape

fIREHOSE - ragin' full on demos

Bitter Pleasures
- Eat the Monument ep

Altered Images - Peel Sessions 

Summer Suns - Greatest

Ultra Vivid Scene - eps collection

Belreve - Nothing 7"

The Verge - Habitual ep 

Jawbox/Edsel - split 7"

The Heavy Blinkers - Hooray for Everything 

Delusions of Grandeur - Picture Perfect Martyr ep

Falling Stairs - That and a Quarter ep 

The Icons - Art in the Dark

Nub - 7"

Starvation Army - In the Red ep

Bring Home the Lobsters - tape

The Saints - Monkey Puzzle 

The Press - Fodder for the Critics 

The Shake - s/t ep

Taboo Zoo - s/t ep 

The Talk - Not Just Hearsay

The Lines - Statues ep 

The Visitors - No Sign of Intelligent Life

The Surf - Out of Step 

Customers - Green Bottle Thursday

Alien Crime Syndicate - ep & single 

Sour Landslide - Friends of Dracula and They Promised Us Jobs

Grand Champeen - Out Front by the Van & Soul Asylum tribute concert

The High Speed Scene - s/t ep

The Mice - Who Cut the Cheese?

Say-so - tape

Dirty Face - I Can Hurt Myself... 

Wooden Igloo - s/t LP

Deep 6 - Garage D'or

Rolls Rocks - s/t LP 

White Cross - When the Fabrics Torn ep 

V/A - Loud Ugly Pop 

V/A - The View From Here

Alarming Trends - You Make Me Live in a Trailer 

Wobble Test - trixinickybambibo tape 


dm said...

All RIFLE SPORT, BREAKING CIRCUS, (and a bunch of other)'links' just take me to set up an account via BLOGGER.

spavid said...

Sorry about that! Looks like I have a lot of links to fix in addition to those. Check back tomorrow morning.

dm said...

Thanks. Truly Appreciated.
FYI --- Rifle Sport __ Voice Of Reason = EXPIRED LINK
Any way to get the BREAKING CIRCUS stuff in mp3 format instead of FLAC?
Once again, Thank You for your time. Cheers.

lolo said...

You're really one of a kind..

thanks as always

Unknown said...

hi do u want to exchange blog links? my site is: https://manifestounderg.blogspot.com/ if u decide to add me to your bloglist I will see in my stats and add u to my bloglist.. no probs if u dont want to. cheers

Loudandnasty said...

Good morning, kind blogger. Happy to report scooping up almost 20 more releases new to me, with much excitement in store for those in the Power Pop realm especially, that would have been more had I not already had about 15. As always, cheers from San Francisco!!!

Talisman said...

Many thanks for the Breaking Circus!

Pio said...

Hello! Please reup the OFF BROADWAY stuff. Flac etc. Please? Or, or you can email a link?
tonykols@att.net if so. Thanks a plenty!