Saturday, August 22, 2020

Long overdue Re-ups.

Thanks for your patience.  Behold your reward.  I think I got to over ninety of them this time, including some links that had not been updated for almost ten years.  Enjoy.

Guided By Voices - To Trigger a Synapse, GBV Fun Wow Pac, Carefree Kitchens, Learning to Hunt, Beyond the Bars and Churches
Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade demos, parts 1, 2 & 3
The Records - Paying for the Summer of Love (MP3 or FLAC)
The Chameleons - Tripping Dogs & Dali's Picture
Mega City Four - Wallflower and Superstar CD singles
Hagfish - Buick Men
Jawbox - Another Scrapbook of Even More Fatl Accidents
The Marshes - Fledgling
Salem 66 - Your Soul is Mine...
Creeper Lagoon - live 1998 & rare
The Church - Sum of the Parts interview LP & rarities 
The Hairs - Subcutaneous
Two Helens - Reflections in Red
Helmet Boy - s/t LP
The Sweat - No More Running
Sloan - Live at a Sloan Party (MP3 or FLAC)
Local Rabbits - This Is It Here We Go
French - two eps
Barely Pink - Starduster ep
Superchunk - Faith/Void (RSD 2013) 7"
Straitjacket Fits - Done ep 
Critics - Braintree
The Fluid - Punch n Judy LP, purplemetalflake demos, single and eps
No Knife - singles
Failure - Comfort demos
Private Plain - Godwatching ep
Outside World - tape
Ramrods - Jivin' 'n Twistin ep
milf - ha ha bus!
The Soup Dragons - The Sun is the Sky ep
Ten Ten - Ordinary Thinking
Shepherds of Hot Pavement - s/t
further - griptape & grimes golden ep
Spoon - some b-sides
Trilobites - Turn it Around
White Flag - Thru the Trash Darkly
The Dickies - Philadelphia 1/3/09 
Dramarama - The Days of Wayne and Roses 
Bent Backed Tulips - Tie Me Down 7"
Nobody's - 7"
Died Pretty - True Fools Fall 2x7"
Baby Lemonade - Wonderful ep & 7"
Cotton Mather - Payday 7"
The Crime - Crash City USA ep
Alter Boys - Piles 7" & Soul Desire
Hege V - House of Tears
Phones - Stick Man ep
White Animals - s/t LP, Ecstasy, In the Last Days
McGuires - Start Breathing
Fire Town - live & demos
Sister Psychic - Catch and Release
Three Leaning Men - Fun in the Key of E
Permanent Green Light - Against Nature
Odolites - Face Down in the Violets, Chimes 7", Persistence of Memory ep
Crash - Everything Under the Sun
Killjoys - Starry
Ben Kweller - Freak Out... & Bromeo
Versus - demos
Fig Dish - Onanism & Unleash the Cracken
Neon Rock Garden (NRg) - Perfect Sounds tape, Never Listen 7", Suicide Song 7"
Velvet Elvis - s/t & What in the World...
Cherry Blades - In-Dependence
The Proof - It's Safe
V/A - Echos From the Nation's Capitol
V/A - Boobytrap Vol. 1
The Furys - Indoor/Outdoor ep
Yanks - Made in the States ep 
The Raves - Past Perfect Tense
Breeding Ground - Tales of Adventure
Parrish Blue - Western Roads
Drumming on  Glass - Asparagus Tea
Something Blew - s/t
Swing Set - Life Speeds Up
In One - Ascension & Fade
Rainyard - Ice Cream Overdrive tape
Crumbs of Insanity - Spiral Stare tape
Populuxe - tape
Neurotic Blondes - tape
kiaro skuro - tape
Pigpen - Tard 7"
Jabberjaw - Novelty 7"
Punchbuggy/Treble Charger - split 7"
Ant Lions - 7"
Lines - Standby ep
Driving School - s/t ep
Breakfast in Bed - Australian Coffee
Ten Inch Men - Hours 'n Pain ep
Steve Naive - st LP 
Ceedees - Hit the Ditch
Outrageous Cherry - Stereo Action Rent Party
Adding Machine - Suspicious Package
Radio Blaster - Sugar-Shock 
Spaghetti Western - s/t LP
Noise Petals - s/t LP
The Cripples - What's in a Name ep?
Pivot - Oscillator ep
Graig Markel - July 7"
A Few Good Men - 7"


Jobe said...

Wow!!! glad you got that straightened out. Thanks for many of these

Davideomusic73 said...

Breeding Ground's Tales of energy link doesn't work. Thank you anyway

lolo said...

Thank you for feeding us music junkies.

Yes, there's a few links that take you to 'bloggers' page, not working. Outside World is one of them.

Take care

jgmoney said... in August! Thank you!

spavid said...

Will fix the broken links later. Sorry.

Pernt said...

When I first discovered your blog several years ago, I spent a day or two going through almost every single post, finding the things I thought I would like. (Indie rock, 80s stuff, etc.) So every time you do a Re-Up post, I think to myself, "There's no reason to go through the list... I'm sure I've got everything." And yet, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I find a dozen or so items that I didn't even know were buried in your voluminous offerings.

Thanks again for being such a devoted fan of music. No lie, when I get up and get my day started, this is my first stop.

Stay safe out there!

Hingehead said...

Can't believe you're thanking us!!!!

Unknown said...

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Nice sharing. Please keep sharing such things with us.
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Stathis said...

Milf link is not working. Can you fix it, please? Also can you reload all the other milf links?
Thank you very much

Loudandnasty said...

Once again, kind blogger, my gratitude is boundless, as another of your prodigious re-up posts has once again expanded my musical universe intrinsically, netting me around 45 new downloads to go with the 20 or so I already had. May the heavens shine upon you always.