Sunday, March 22, 2020

Re-ups for March.

Here are as many requests I could get to.  If I missed any you can let me know in the comments.  If anyone has the files for the P.S. I Love You Heart of Stone disc I uploaded last year please get in touch.  I seem to have lost them entirely and can't locate the original CD right now.  Thanks.

Dambuilders - A Young Person's Guide..., Islington Pawn Tapes, Geek Lust & God Dambuilders Bless America 
Let's Active - Cypress demos, Afoot demos, Big Plans for Everybody demos & Every Dog Has It's Demos
The Trace - Chilling With Binky
Pedaljets - Today Today & tape
Eric Menck and Paul Chastain - Firetrucks and Periwinkles 
Lotion - two eps 
House of Large Sizes - 7" ep
The Reivers - Saturday demos & End of the Days demos
Sloan - Alternates ep
The Love In - s/t ep
Mad Turks From Istanbul - Cafe Istanbul & Toast
Fools Face - Tell America
Cannon Heath Down - Heart-Throb Companion
Boo Radleys - Giant Steps demos
Enuff Z' Nuff - demos
Jupiter - Arum
Citrus Groove - Sunswayed ep 
Tommy Keene - Songs From the Film
Tommy Tutone - National Emotion
The Fluid - Clear Black Paper & Freak Magnet ep
Senator Flux - The Criminal Special & Storyknife
Boys With Toys - Big House
Wild Giraffes - Right Now
The Lift - Nearly Gear!
Defenestration - Dali Does Windows & s/t ep
Full Fathom Five - Multinational..., 4 A.M., Cry of a Falling Nation
Monsterland - Smile tape, At One With Time ep, Loser Friendly ep
Baby Tooth - Rare Book Room ep & 7"
Mock Turtles - 87-90
Sister Ray - No Way to Express
Attention - What Have We Done? ep
Richard Heyman - Actual Size ep 
84 Nash - Band for Hire
Indian Rope Burn - s/t 
Out of the Fire - Into the Frying Pan
Starry Eyes - s/t ep
Phoenix Bird - 7"
No Knife - singles


Marie-Dentelle said...

Hello un GRAND MERCI for
Let's Active - Cypress demos, Afoot demos, Big Plans for Everybody demos & Every Dog Has It's Demos

Bonne santé
Dentelle ( FRNCE )

lolo said...

thank you very much

take care

Guypinot said...

Thanks for this. I downloaded a few, but Richard Heyman still shows as "Expired".

Megan D said...


Pernt said...

Thanks again! (Even though I got all of these back in the day...)

As long as the grid is up and running, I'll be coming here every morning to see what unknown treasures you've dug up for us.

e6gMan said...

Thank you so much for re-upping The Fluid. Been looking for it for a friend. Keep up the great work!

Stathis said...

I asked for Epic Rumours.
Can you, please, fix the link?
Thank you very much

Cory said...

Big thank you for all you do to keep these obscurities alive!!

Earthdog70 said...

Hey is anyone having issues with zippy? I keep getting a pop-up that asks me to download which I won't be doing, but the download doesn't start after that.

binkerbo said...