Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January Re-ups, Part 3

Another mondo set of reruns based on your requests and my better judgement.  Hopefully this catches us up for a bit.  Dig in.

The Pursuit of Happiness - Live 1989, Love Junk demos, The Wonderful World of..., I'm An Adult Now ep
The Raspberries - From the Vault - MP3 or FLAC
Blake Babies - Sunburn demos & Nicely Nicely ep
Guided By Voices - Learning to Hunt
Superchunk - On Paper it Made Perfeect Sense ep & Precision Auto 7"
Close Lobsters - demos, Janice Long Session ep, Nature Thing CDS
Element (101) - Future Plans Undecided 
In One - Ascension & Fade
Killjoys - Onenight and a Morningafter
Sometimes Sweet Susan - Fuse & Point ep
Wolfie - Necessary Sailing tape 
The Opossums - (marsupial eruptus)
The Oysters - Green Eggs and Ham
27 Various - Hi
Lucy Brown - s/t LP
Wooden Igloo - s/t LP
Toyboat - s/t LP
Ripe - Filterfeed
Barkmarket - Easy Listening
John's Black Dirt - Perpetual Optimism...
Indian Bingo - Scatological & Overwrought
Candy - Whatever Happened to Fun demos & live Houston 1985
Screaming Broccoli - s/t LP
The Bounce - Things That Go Bounce in the Night ep
Wobble Test - trixinickybambibo tape 
UV Prom - Field of Vision ep
Jim Basnight & the Moberlys - s/t ep
Nuns of the Great West - The World Ain't Safe ep
The Movement - s/t ep 
Nixon's Head - Traps, Buckshot & Pelt ep
V/A - Shreds, Vol. 1
Afraid of Stairs - s/t ep
New Sweet Breath - singles & album sampler 
Zumpano - singles
Wynona Riders - singles
Latter Day Saints - Plaster City 7"
Springhouse - Menagerie Keeper 7" 
No Such Thing - 7"
Spiffy - two singles
Dangtrippers - Incantation 7" 
How Happy - 7"
The Slurps - HrrSheeCom 7"
Rubber Sole - Appetite for Mayhem 7"
Mysteries of Life - Going Through the Motions 7"


rivum said...

hello! looks like a great blog!
I saw on another post way back when you had put up Sloan - Alternates in FLAC but the link is dead. can you reupload that at some point?
Thanks in advance!

spavid said...

Hi rivum. Will try to get to this soon.

rivum said...

thank you my friend!

Koyott said...

many many thanks for all re-ups!!

Blood Machines said...

Any chance of hearing Nowherefast (1982) thanks.