Thursday, January 9, 2020

January Re-ups, Part 1

hiya,  I have way more re-ups to attend to, which I'll try to get to next week - as many as I can.  Really flooded with requests at the moment, so please hold off with any more for another week or so.  Much appreciated!

The dB's - 1983-84 demos
Haircut 100 - Blue Day
The Square Root of Now - Bent Around Corners 
Beauty Constant - Like the Enemy
Squirrel Bait - demo
Beulah - Yoko demos
Phantom Tollbooth - demo 
Smart Opera - Beauty on the Interstate
Muler - The State of Play
Alerta - In the Land...
Dimestore Darlings - What is My...? tape & Senior Prom tape
Figgs/Prisonshake - split 7"
V/A - Hear No Evil
Giant Mums - demo & single
Poster Children/Thin White Rope - split 7"
Putters - singles
New Radiant Storm King - Rival Time & 7"
Love American Style - Undo
Lost Luggage - Chateau Relaxeau
The Terrible Parade - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out
Sugarplastic - Polly Brown ep 
Splatcats - tape
Blown - Forever
Raymond Break - Piles of Dirty Winters
Nice Strong Arm - Stress City, Mind Furnace, Cloud Machine ep
V/A - Parade of Homes
V/A - I-5 Killers
Frogpond - 2% Tape
Dissonant Blue - tape
Pot Valiant - Transaudio
Popealopes - Cavalcade
Stand GT/Potbelly - Nils tribute 7"
Sugar Drive - One Time 7"


Koyott said...

Many thanks for all reups! Great one!! Thanks !!

Addison Bortion said...

Hey, when you get a minute, could you maybe make a master post of LUCY brown's 3 albums [the 1998 and 1991 self titled albums, and the 3 Dogs Dead EP]. If you can't that's fine, just was looking for it