Tuesday, October 22, 2019

50 (or so ) Re-ups.

Can't stop, won't stop.

Phantom Planet - Polaroid
Hollins Ferry - s/t LP 
Tommy Keene - demos
Aztec Camera - Live Manchester 1981
Book of Lies - Cryptic Memo ep
Psi-Com - Live 1985
Band 19 - Dictate ep
Doleful Lions - Song Cyclops outtakes
Pranks - Floobie
Map of the World - An Inch Equals.... ep 
Ear Candy - Self Defence ep
Gem - Hexed, I Am a Tree ep, singles, split single w/ Jenny Mae
Various - Pure Spun Sugar
Various - Hotel Massachusetts 
Various - Fish Hips and Turkey Lips
Various - The View From Here
Various - 415 Music
Various - Tantrum
Various - Propeller
Various - Evil I Do Not 7" comp 
Cavedogs - Joyrides for Shut-ins
For Squirrels - Baypath Rd, 1993 demos
Flag of Convenience (Steve Diggle) - War on the Wireless Set & Northwest Skyline
Metal Pitcher - A Careful Workman... 7"
Slushpuppies - Blacklisted ep
Small (23) - Cakes ep, singles, split single w/ J Church
Gluons - s/t ep
Woofing CookiesIn the City 7" & Horse Gum Tortilla Shoes
Wooden Soldiers - Hippies, Punks and Rubber Men ep
Dazzlers - Feeling Free
Speed the Plough - s/t
Lynyrd's Innards/Nation of Wenonah (Wynona Riders) - split ep
Imitation Life - Scoring Correctly at Home/Ice Cubes and Sugar
The Dugans - 7"
Popdefect - Playing for Time ep
Todd Newman - Too Sad For Words & Temporary Setback
Carl Rusk - Blue Period
The Popes - Hi, We're The Popes ep
The Drongos - s/t LPSmall Miracles
Cost of Living - Comic Book Page & Day of Some Lord
Fancipantz - 7"
Trilobites - I Can't Wait For Summer to End ep, Turn it Around
Dramarama - Live @ House of Blues 2008
Junk Monkeys/John Wesley Harding - split 7"
Mystery Girls - Bagged ep
The Contras - Ciphers in the Snow
The Elevators - Frontline
Rubber Bush - s/t LP
Tubetop - singles
Moth Macabre - s/t
Dump - That Skinny Mofo... tape
Wolves - s/t LP
Dirty FaceI Can Hurt Myself...
milf - everybody should stop doing everything 


heartsofstone said...

Thanks so much for doing this for us.

NellyStaffs said...

Awesome awesome awesome, hours of fun.... many thanks!
Did I miss the Love-In re-up somewhere?! ;p

neal t said...

thnx new Dramarama n Aztec Camera shows for me:) dl speed rocks!!

Loudandnasty said...

Holy Cow! What an awesome set of reposts!! I ended up grabbing 24 of 'em, including 4 that I had requested, and it would've been more if I didn't already have 'em. Thanks for your generosity and cheers from SF!!!

carlo243 said...

Please Re Up The Trilobites.