Saturday, September 14, 2019

Long awaited re-ups, plus, watch this space!

It's been awhile since I've tended to dead links, so here we go again, based on your requests.  Check this post later again this coning week for some additional links, and feel free to make a request or two.  Thanks!

Swallow - S/T and Sourpuss
Senseless Things - Empire of the Senseless
Versus - Let's Electrify! ep (MP3 or FLAC)
Crash - Everything Under the Sun
Material Issue - Issues Vol. 3
Wondermints - 1988 demos
Off Broadway - live 1980 and unreleased
John Wicks & The Records - Rock'ola
Facecrime - Sex & Revolution ep
Modern Minds - compilation cd
The Flys - Waikiki Beach Refugees and Own
Cheticamp - Aeroplane Vs. Automobile
Inner Sleeves - End it All 7"
Marnies - Electric Wire 7"
Outside World - tape
Baxters - Era Buffet
Eurogliders - Pink Suit Blue Day
Phantom Planet - rarities
V/A - Children of Nuggets - Discs 1, 2, 3, 4
V/A - Give Me the Cure  
V/A - Iowa Compilation Vol 1 & Vol 2
V/A - Punk USA
V/A - Austin, TX "So What" Tribute to the Replacements
The Gloria Record - Grace the Snow is Here 7"
Poi Dog Pondering - 8 Songs Tape
Outrageous Cherry - Stereo Action Rent Party
Lovers Under Pressure - The Elvis Years and Island tape
Eleventh Dream Day - s/t ep
Gaunt - Whitey the Man ep
Marshal Fields - EP
Virgin Release (pre-Marshal Fields) - Turn it Down 7"
14 Iced Bears - In the Beginning
Sand Rubies - Release the Hounds
The Misstakes - National Pastime
Datura Seeds - Who Do You Want it to Be? and S&P 
Junk Monkeys - Firehouse, Kick out the Jelly, Five Star Fling, Bliss
I Can Crawl - Desert
Go Four 3 - Six Friends
Swing Set - Life Speeds Up
Glass Eye - Marlo and Huge
Epic Rumors - The Feral Child
Enemies in the Grass - Blind Crossing ep & 7"
Human Television - demos
say-so - 1986 demo
American Standard - Wonderland and Trial Size 7"
Chopper - 4play ep and s/t LP
The Sneetches - Sunnyside Down 7"
Naiomi's Hair - Tara and Bag Truck tape
Overflow - The Worm 7"
Oversoul Seven - Fool Revelation and S/T
Lilys - A Brief History... ep and Services...ep
Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep
Heliotroupe - Anything Under the Sun
Fat Tulips - Starfish
Get Smart - Words Move 7" and Action Reaction
The Side Effects - s/t ep
V/A - Enigma Variations 2
Alternate Learning (ALRN) - s/t ep and Painted Windows
The Edsel Auctioneer - Voice of the Harolds, Simmer, Slouch 7"
Study of the Lifeless - s/t LP
Poole - two eps
JFA - Nowhere Blossoms
The Reels - s/t LP
Twice Shy - All the Right Noises
Two Helens - Reflections in Red
Notekillers - Zipper 7"
Angst - s/t ep, Lite Life, Mending Wall, Mystery Spot
Painted Willie - Upsidedowntown, My Fellow Americans, 7" ep
Danny and the Doorknobs - Poison Summer
Suburban Sprawl - Ice
Suburbans - The Pop Life 
Fudge - Ferocious Rhythm..., Southside Speedway, singles
Twitch Hazel/Technical Jed - 2x7" ep
V/A - Peppermint Stick Parade
Hypnolovewheel - singles
Doughboys - Turn Me On and Crush singles 
Big Drill Car/Chemical People - split 7"
Gentleman Jesse & His Men - Singles and Rarities
Smashing Orange - The Glass Bead Game
Discount - Love, Billy ep


Kai said...

Thanks for the Cure cover versions - did not know this existed! Great version of "Catch" by the Eggs.

Stathis said...

Thank you very much for Chopper EP.
I also requested reups for The Black Watch - Short Stories ep (1989, Eskimo) , Fat Tulips - Starfish (1994, Vinyl Japan) & Chopper - s/t (1991, Zero Hour/1996, Big Deal). Can you, please, re-up them for me?
Best Regards

John R said...

Thank you for sharing so much of our time for people you LOVE music. I would love a re-up of:
* The Side Effects - s/t ep (1981, DB)
* Get Smart - Words Move 7" ep (1981, Syntax)
* Alternate Learning (aka ALRN) - ALRN ep (1979)
* VA - The Enigma Variations 2 (1987, Enigma) + Enigma Variations if you have it!!

Jim H. said...

thanks.....bought that second and last Flys LP "Own" in a bargain bin back in like 1980 or so in Philadelphia, always been a firm favorite thru the years!!!!!

spavid said...

Was able to get to most of your requests folks. Stathis, the Black Watch ep has been reissued on a compilation, which I'll be posting more about in the coming days. Thanks.

Stathis said...

Thank you very much. I'm waiting for The Black Watch

Mike M. said...

I would love to see all the Fudge stuff re-posted. I managed to trash one of my hard drives and lost most of that.

Palm Beach said...

The Bats - Raw Eggs, if possible. Thank you. It's a great site.

John R said...


spavid said...

I got to all the Fudge stuff. Palm Beach, regarding that Bats album. I lost the files to it, but have the actual CD somewhere. Just a matter of when I can locate and re-rip it. Thanks for your patience.

Mike M. said...

Thanks so much for the Fudge! Last time I had checked Southside Speedway was the only one I could find. Also, not wishing to ask for too much at once, but you had some live Psi Com stuff up back before I discovered your blog. Any chance of that again?

Samuel said...

While you're at it, can you reupload Phantom Planet - Polaroid?

WhatTS said...

'Hotel Massachusetts' please

Kate said...

Hi, could you please reup the Rubber Bush s/t? Thank you.

mercvrial said...

Honestly, all of this re-uploading business... you deserve some kind of Lifetime Achievement Award in the Service of Indie Pop/Rock.