Thursday, May 30, 2019

Re-ups...and a request.

Before I delve into your requests, to the person who requested the 2015 Chanukah singles re-up.  For the life of me I cannot locate the files.  A search is ongoing, but I may need to recreate the entire folder from scratch.  If anyone in the audience has the original zip file for the 2015 Chanukah entry in question (in MP3 or FLAC), please get in touch.  Thanks! 

Velocity Girl - Singles
Starry Eyes - s/t ep
For Squirrels - Baypath Road & 1993 demos
Silversun Pickups - rarities
Sugarcubes - Demos Too Good
Wire - 154 rehearsals 
Spliffs - House of Seven (MP3 or FLAC)
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix demos
Boo Radleys - Giant Steps demos
Single Bullet Theory - demos
Chapterhouse - Pearls & Treasures
Straitjacket Fits - Missing From Melt ep
Local Rabbits - This is It, Here We Go
Archers of Loaf - live 2011 
The Trypes - demos
Failure - Comfort demos
2 Line Filler - Trash tape
Dag Nasty - Field Day
further - griptape, sometimes chimes, grimes golden ep
Jim Basnight & The Moberlys - s/t ep (MP3 or FLAC)
UV Prom - Field of Vision ep (MP3 or FLAC)
Nuns of the Great West - The World Ain't Safe ep (MP3 or FLAC)
The Probers - Mad at the World
Caretaker Race - Hangover Square
The Strand - Seconds Waiting
Lucy Brown - s/t LP
This Afternoon - When Everything is Seven
The Decorators - Tablets
The Colours - Details at Thirteen ep
Reaction Formation - Mark David Chapman
Edge Park - Personal Fable
New Jetz - s/t LP
Summercamp - Tonight ep!
Bardots - Eye Baby
Ten Inch Men - Hours n Pain
Rattail Grenadier - s/t LP
The Obvious - Home ep
Dryer - two eps
Alcohol Funnycar - singles
Polvo/Erectus Monotone - El Sid 7"
Spavid/One Eyed Jack singles Spavid, One Eyed Jack
milf - antidope
Fuzzy - s/t LP
Waterdog - s/t LP
Pond - Rock Collection
Gunbunnies - Paw Paw Patch
Half Hour to Go - Items for the Full Outfit & Don't Forget the Children ep
Bivouac - ABC ep
V/A - Cash Cow: The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems
V/A - Blackbox


bristolboy said...

Here's the 7 45's in mp3 put back into a file

Fernando Christian Rodriguez Besel said...

Did you know this? Want to give it a listen?

Cheers from Buenos Aires, and thanks for the good stuff.


spavid said...

Thanks bristolboy! Absolutely amazing. You win the internet!

Dea Noa said...

Hello Spavid

The links on: "The third night of Chanukah - Seven scintillating singles" doesn't work. Can you maybe please refresh 'em? :)

e6gMan said...

Still waiting for a re-up, if possible. Love what you share, thanks!

jgmoney said...

Awesome as always! Thanks WO~

RoncoPresents said...
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wbw_agng said...

Thank you for reupload This Afternoon.

RoncoPresents said...
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