Sunday, February 3, 2019


Sorry I've been late in getting to so many of your requests!  Hope I got to everything.

Aztec Camera - live Manchester 1981 - MP3 or FLAC
Mission of Burma - Electro-acoustic Sessions
Replacements - How Did the Vomit... 
Sloan - Live at a Sloan Party - MP3 or FLAC
Splitsville - Amateur Hour
Pezband - Thirty Seconds Over Schaumburg
The Dentists - Powdered Lobster Fiasco
The Fluid - Purplemetalflake demos, 1987 demos, Freak Magnet, singles & eps
Simple Machines 'Tool' tape series - Slack, Hated, Late!, Mommyheads, Geek, Saturnine, My New Boyfriend
Fire Town - live and demos 
Red Fox Grey Fox - Bear-sides...
The Burdons - s/t LP
Pitchblende/Swirlies - split single
Bum/Smugglers - split single
Wooden Igloo - s/t LP
Mexican Pets - Nobody's Working Title ep 
Stark Raving - Sniveling and Whining ep
fulflej - microwave ep
Crossfire Choir - Back to the Wall
Boys With Toys - Big House
Nice Strong Arm - Mind Furnace, Stress City, Cloud Machine ep
Silver Tears - s/t ep
Fictions - s/t LP
Pterodactyls - We've Done it Now
The Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We Have 
Heavy Blinkers - Hooray for Everything
Catapult - The Architecture of a Year
The Heartbeats - Pulsator
Pop Art - Long Walk to Nowhere, A Perfect Mental Picture, s/t ep
Pond - Moth 7''
Tsunami/Velocity Girl split single
Nevermen - Monitor
TNP - Their General Suave Guys Request
Lions and Dogs - demos
The Fans - Mystery Date
Rods and Cones - New Breed
Killjoys - Onenight and a Morningafter
Springhouse - 7"
V/A - Lonely Planet Boy
The Wood ChildrenShopaholic


Unknown said...

great, thank you for fulflej re-up!

Vespasian70 said...

Many thanks for the Boys with Toys re-up!

Guypinot said...

You're almost assuredly correct in saying the Brad Jones in Boys With Toys is the same guy who went on to Nashville because - according to Discogs - Boys With Toys drummer Tommy Meyer also probably ended up in the very least, as The Bis-Quits drummer...also produced by Brad Jones.

Sam Epilsonly said...
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fantomas said...

reuplods don't work