Saturday, December 1, 2018


And here's a few more you might enjoy.  Thanks for the requests.

Guided By Voices - Carefree Kitchens Are a Blast, Super Fun Wow Valu Pak, To Trigger a Synapse, Beyond the Bars and Churches, Kit Kat Acoustic Break, Beer Thousand (MP3 or FLAC)
Breaking Circus - The Very Long Fuse, The Ice Machine, Smokers Paradise
The Figgs - Ginger, Rejects, singles
Pete Donnelly - Another Day on You
Let's Active - Every Dog Has It's Day demos
Tommy Keene - Strange Alliance 
Pointed Sticks - Raw Power Pop & Out of Luck ep
Glide - b-sides
3 1/2 Minutes - two eps
37 Targets - Another Day
Just Water - The Riff
30 Amp Fuse - Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway
Punch Wagon (pre-Superdrag) - demo
Jef Left - s/t ep 
Catherine - 7"
Dentists - Naked ep
Majesty Crush - P.S. I Love You ep
Liquor Giants - Here
Fudge - Southside Speedway
Lost Luggage - Synchronous Ownership and the Consumption of Cake ep
The Cateran - Ache
Six of One Half Summers - This Years Version...
Red House - There is a Window
V/A - Happy Meals Vol 1
John's Black Dirt - Perpetual Optimism as a Force Multiplier
Divine Weeks - Through and Through 


wyphoto said...

thank you for the GBV !

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