Sunday, December 30, 2018

Re-ups for the end of 2018.

Here's the latest pile.   Some mighty good eatin' here.  Thanks for your requests.

Mission of Burma - Electro-acoustic sessions
Buzzcocks - Drone Studios session, live 1993-2001 collection, Songs in a Different Time
Jason Falkner - Rarer Than Rare
Carl Rusk - Blue Period
Windbreakers - Electric Landlady
Semantics - Powerbill & demos
Owsley - live 1999
The Sweat - No More Running
Dumptruck - demos
Polvo - demos
Marshal Fields - s/t mLP
Virgin Release - 7"
Majesty Crush - Fan ep & Sans Muscles ep
Winter Hours - Leaving Time
Walt Mink - Listen Little Man & Poll Riders Win Again
Fire in the Kitchen - Theory of Everything & singles
Customers - Green Bottle Thursday
Jamboree - Melt Down ep
Sheer Thursday - Expecting the Grass
Kilkenny Cats - Hands Down
The Mutts - s/t ep & Stinko's Ranch
Greenberry Woods - Shorty ep
V/A - Never Mind the Jacksons...
Velveteens - Tall House ep
Voodoo Gearshift - s/t LP
Orange Glass - Interstellar Interstellar
The Micronotz - 40 Fingers
Not Shakespeare - Edge of the World
Radio Alarm Clocks - Wake Me When It's Over


FRANCK said...

tanks for the WINTER HOURS and the all others that sometimes i'd missed.

Pernt said...

How did I ever miss those Fire In The Kitchen singles?!?! Thanks again for a great year of music. Hope your 2019 is awesome!


Unknown said...

Could you please re-up Aztec Camera - De Villes, Manchester, UK 8/14/81? Thank you

PaintedBird said...

Any chance you have a copy of the skams - dime store romeos? Can’t seem to find anything about that band anywhere. Seems like they could be interesting through. Thanks!

Lana Rey said...

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