Sunday, November 11, 2018


As per your relentless requests.  Included is the much requested Aztec Camera compilation with a bonus folder of all tracks that had the pitch corrected. Thanks again to one of our readers who went to the trouble of remedying this!

Aztec Camera - Digging Through Those Dustbins
V/A - Lessons From Little Hits, Vols 1, 2, 3 & 4
The Ocean Blue - s/t live (MP3 of FLAC) & Cerulean live (MP3 & FLAC
Material Issue - Eleven Supersonic Hit Explosions
Sweet Jesus - discography
Airlines - s/t
Hollins Ferry - s/t
The Square Root of Now - Bent Around Corners (MP3 & FLAC
Dils - Live!
True Believers - Live - Harder... tape
The Proof - It's Safe 
Timco - Friction Tape
The Othermothers - No Place Like Home ep
Outlets - Whole New World
V/A - Black Brittle Frisbee
V/A - Twisted - 7" ep
Connections - 7"
Pigpen - Tard 7"
27 Various - 7" 
Kilkenny Cats - 7"
Comet - 7"
Bridge Climbers - Full Bag, Don't Bend
Cockeyed Ghost - Karaoke tape 
The Strawberry Zots - Cars, Flowers, Telephones
Helen Keller Plaid - Din
Full Fathom Five - 4 AM
Squalls - Rebel Shoes
Miles Dethmuffen - Nine-Volt Grape, Clutter & Presto 7"
Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane & Lisp ep
Hangmen - Used ep
The Hairs - Subcutaneous 
Verbow - Chronicles 


Unknown said...

You're the best! Thanks a lot!

Pernt said...

Looks like some real gems in this batch. Can't wait to dig in. Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for Full Fathom Five!! Like i said Mr´s Ronys problem is a big fave and the whole album is my favourite FFF album! so much appreciated! Also a big thanks for all your other great uploads and great blog, the Jellyfish demos are going hot here at the moment!
Cheers Coolruler

Gonzo said...

Hello I want the glide b sides reupped plz

Casey said...

Thanks! But either the 27 Various 7" didn't re-upload correctly, or else it's already vanished, again...

Stinky LePew said...

That's a hot stack of wax! Thanks! - Stinky

joel dantas said...

Thanks so much for the Square Root of Now re-up!

Javiga4 said...

Awesome. Thanx.

spavid said...

You're welcome folks. Will try to fix the 27 Various link later tonight.

Terry A. said...

Thanks for reposting the Strawberry Zots. Thanks for your terrifically informative blog.

Terry A. said...

Thanks for reposting the Strawberry Zots. Thanks for your blog, it's most informative

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload the Breaking Circus albums in FLAC from a few years ago?