Thursday, October 4, 2018

Re-ups for early fall.

So I haven't exactly been generous this week.  That will have to wait 'til tomorrow...unless you're looking for some revived links, which I have for you below.

The Buck Pets - Rares CD, 1987 demo tape, later demos
Pipe - singles
Halflings - singles
No Knife - singles
Vivid - singles
The Trypes - demos
Romantics - Bomp Blues
Drowners - Destroyer & World Record Player
Fools Face - Tell America
Scott Wilk and the Walls - s/t 
Rapture of the Deep - Under Quabbin ep
Native Tongue - s/t ep
Tobin Sprout - Waxnails ep
SugarplasticOttawa Bonesaw, Radio Jejune, Polly Brown ep, Primitive Plastic, Sheep 7", demo
Monsterland - Loser Friendly ep & At One With Time ep
Senator Flux - The Criminal Special & Storybook
The Fiendz - Wact
Mega City Four - Magic Bullets & CD singles
Teeze - s/t ep
Numbers - Add Up
Cactus World NewsSpin radio concert
Space Needle - Panic Delaney 7"
Metal Flake Mother - Beyond the Java Sea
Ratcat - This Nightmare 
Doll Congress - s/t ep
The N - s/t ep
This Afternoon - When Everything is Seven
Wash - demo
Slumber - demo


Coolruler said...


I asked for a re up of Numbers add up, now you did my weekend and put it up here!! really generous of you, thanks a lot!! hope you have a great weekend too!

spacebore said...

huge thanks!

Whimpers and Bangs said...

Thanks as always!

Unknown said...

Thank You, great blog!

wbw_agng said...

Please reupload This Afternoon.

Sakis said...

hello my friend.please re up the teeze ep.thank you