Saturday, August 11, 2018


My apologies for the woeful amount of new content this week.  In the meantime here are some of the refreshed links you requested (and then some).

Sloan - Alternates ep & Live at a Sloan Paty (MP3/FLAC)
Metz/Mission of Burma - split single
White Flag - Thru the Trash Darkly
Simple Machines 'Tool' tape series - Slack, Hated, Late!, Mommyheads, Geek, Saturnine, My New Boyfriend
Other Bright Colors - Endlessly Rocks the Cradle
Get Smart! - Action Reaction 
Say-so - tape
V/A - Alex Soria (Nils) tribute concert
V/A - Listen and Learn With Vibro-phonic
V/A - Goldenrod Super Mixer
V/A - Shreds Vol. 1, 1993
V/A - Brouhaha 7"
Kashmir - 7"
Four Color Manual - Guardian for a Year
fenn - spanish
mandingo - ifive, badtouchbecca ep, How's My Driving 7" 
Wishes and Water - s/t ep
Drill Kitty7" ep
Facts About Israel - 7"
Glass Eye - Marlo & Huge
Enemies - Products of the Street ep
Enemies in the Grass - single and ep
Demilos - Naked Brunch
Christmas - In Excelsior Dayglo
Ups and Downs - singles & Rash ep
Nice Strong Arm - Mind Furnace & Stress City
Pollen - Bluette, Crescent, Peach Tree
Drongos - s/t & Small Miracles
Spectres - singles
Desperate Hours - s/t ep
Reverse - Synchysis ep 
Trilobites - Turn it Around and I Can't Wait for Summer to End ep
aMINIATURE/Drip Tank - split singles
Kinetics - Snake Dance
Fig Dish - Unleash the Cracken, Rollover Please 7", split single w/ Everready
fluf - Wasting Seed ep & Songs 6 ep
fluf/further - split single
fluf/j church - split single
Crain - 7"
Vim - 7" ep


SoM said...

Nice! Also, could you reup the FLAC version of Miracle Legion - Simple Thing whenever convenient? I've been meaning to ask for awhile (it originally was posted December 2014). Thanks!

Low said...

Many years lurker, just thought it was about time to say thanks for what ya do.


Whimpers and Bangs said...

Thanks as always Spavid. You rock.

Hingehead said...

Can't believe you're apologising to us! Strawberries to pigs :-)

spavid said...

As always, I appreciate your gratitude. Will try to get the FLAC of the Miracle Legion up again soon.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the re-up on the pollen stuff. Longshot here but there was another band in the 90’s called “crumb”. Ive been looking for the “seconds minutes hours” record. I know jim adkins from jimmy eat world wrote and performed a few tracks with them on that. Its a great record and a great fit for this site!