Sunday, December 31, 2017

Latest Re-ups.

Happy 2018 everyone!

Falling Stairs - That and a Quarter ep
Arcwelder - singles MP3 or FLAC
Jane From Occupied Europe - Coloursound
Fumes - Self Appointed Guardian...
Boyracer/Ropers - split 7"
Perfect Daze - two eps
The Marshes - Fledgling
Truly - Leslie's Coughing Up Blood ep
milf - antidope, ha ha bus, everybody should... 
Field Trip - Beautiful
Philisteens - s/t LP
D.D. Ranged - s/t ep
Ff - Ending Song 7"
Woodpecker - Bowl of Water ep & No Factory Town ep
Todd Newman - Too Sad for Words & Temporary Setback
Rattail Grenadier - s/t LP
Defenestration - Dali Does Windows & s/t ep
Red House - There is a Window
The Idle Strand - Blackberry Way/Cut and Run
Pollyanna - Longplayer
Pure Joy - Unsung LP, Sore Throat ep, self-titled ep
Facecrime - Sex and Revolution ep
Modern Minds - Theresa's World
Spatula - Even the Thorny Acacia
Moving Parts - s/t ep
Jimmy Eat World/Emery - split 7"
Small 23/J Church - split 7"
Figgs - Christmas Shake 7"
One Plus Two - The Ivy Room ep
Ward 8 (pre-Winter Hours) - tape
Tryad - On Call
Glass Eye - Huge
The Fixx - live ep
V/A - So Punk...
V/A - Happy Meals Vol. 1
V/A - Half Assed


George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Fyi re: Glass Eye: on the post link the Marlo ep is also available. Thanks and a merry 2018.

PaintedBird said...

Any chance you have a copy of the early 80s canadian band fictions you could upload? I love their record. Have never seen it available anywhere in any format online though.

spavid said...

Hi Daniel. Just saw your post. No, I don't have anything by Fictions. I'm in Canada a couple times a year, so I'll keep my eye out for it in record shops. Cheers.

amusicalguy said...

Please re-upload. Thanks in advance!