Friday, November 17, 2017


More (or less) than you can shake a stick at.  Enjoy.

Superdrag - Head Trip in Every Key demos
Treepeople - singles
Kilkenny Cats - Hands Down LP & 7"
The Trypes - demos
Maurice and the Cliches - Ces't La Vie
The Special Goodness - At Some Point, Birds and Flowers...
The Wind - Living in a New World
Popealopes - Kerosene
Rubber Sole - Appetite for Mayhem ep
Ripe - Filterfeed
Times Beach - Love and Politics tape
Odolites - Face Down in the Violets, Chimes 7", Persistence of Memory ep
Candy - demos & live in Houston
Screaming Broccoli - s/t LP
Bags - Rock Starve
V/A - Pure British Pop for Raw People Vols. 1 & 2
V/A - Husker Du tributes - Case Closed & A Boy Who Lives on Heaven Hill
Yo - Charm World
Mysteries of Life - Going Through the Motions 7"
Beulah - Yoko demos
Smashing Orange - The Glass Bead Game
The Pursuit of Happiness - Love Junk demos, The Wonderful World of TPOH, I'm An Adult Now ep
Just Water - The Riff
Cactus World News - Spin Concert Series live LP
Indian Bingo - Overwrought & Scatologica
Creeper Lagoon - rarities & live 1998
Tinsel - Quit While You're Ahead 
Tirez Tirez - Social Responsibility
Summer Suns - Greatest
How Happy - 7"
Here Kitty Kitty - Kiss Me You Fool ep
Diamond Fist Werny - tape
Westmorelands - For Life's History ep
Western Eyes - s/t LP
Lucas - The Last Taboo ep


biopunk said...

Thanks for The Pursuit of Happiness!

Pernt said...

Oh my God... thank you SO MUCH for re-upping the Superdrag demos. They are one of my absolute favorite bands from the 90s. What a great pre-Thanksgiving surprise.