Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I'll have some new stuff for you before you know it.  Until then here's the latest based on your requests.  Cheers.

Fudge - The Ferocious Rhythm of Precise Laziness, singles
Twitch Hazel/Technical Jed - split ep
Luxury - EP #1
Lucy Brown - s/t LP
Iodine Raincoats - I Wonder ep
Doughboys - Shine & Disposable eps
Wood Children - Shopaholic
Ken Stringfellow - @ SXSW 2004
Orange Humble Band - Down in Your Dreams ep
Mercyland - No Feet on the Cowling
Buzz Hungry - At the Hands of Our Intercessors  
Straitjacket Fits - live KPFK 1989
Oznerol - s/t ep
Fighting Cause - Deadtown 7" ep
Korova Milk Bar - Talkings Boring
Versus - demos 1990-91
Attachments - s/t ep
Tame and Talking - s/t ep
Gladstones - Jeremy 
Winter Hours - Leaving Time & live 1989 
Eastern Bloc - s/t
Rooney - three eps
Failure - Comfort demos
Lotion - two eps
Drowners - Destroyer & World Record Player
Popsicle - Lacquer 
Chain Link Fence - Fireworks & Positive eps
The Fluid - Clear Black Paper and Freak Magnet demos
fIREHOSE - Ragin' demos
27 Various - Hi & 7"
Small (23) - Cakes ep & singles
Treepeople - singles 


Stathis said...

Thank you very much for Popsicle

Konrad Useo said...

This is an excellent post, worthy of high praise. I especially like the winter hours. Big thanks to you.

modestmario said...

Thanx a lot for Fighting Cause 7inch ;)

Allen Lulu said...

Any chance you have Evening Standards by The Jags?
Or The Brains’ The Brains (with Money Changes Everything)

Unknown said...

Wow This is Amazing :)