Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I should have a new needle-drop for you tomorrow, but until then chew on these.

Pranks - Floobie
Outside World - tape
Pavement - Stack 'o Slack (rarities, live)
GBV - Beyond the Bars and Churches
Rain Parade - Crashing Dream
Reactions - Cracked Marbles ep
I-Rails - Panharmonium, Nine Songs From Nowhere, Unfocused, Valentino Says, Same Old Me 7", live 1990
Tubetop - singles
Pop Art - s/t ep, Long Walk to Nowhere
Porcelain Boys - singles
Custom Floor - 7"
Slowchange Madagascar - 7"
Solomon Grundy - 7"
Dr. Janet - 7"
Marky & the Unexplained Stains - s/t
Love Battery - Straight Freak Ticket
Ultracherry Violet - I fall to Pieces
Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep
Rapture of the Deep - Under Quabbin ep
Breathers - Rain Down ep
Crocodile Shop - Head ep, Lullaby
The Love In - s/t ep
The Revellaires - Pop of Ages
The Opossums - (marsupial eruptus)
Poetry Grenade - Rocket 
Berber - Lower Goes the Roof Beam
V/A - Black Brittle Frisbee


e6gMan said...

Love your blog. Was wondering if you have either of these.
You might enjoy this video, especially the end.

e6gMan said...

Oops, this video.

Rev. Dave said...

I really do appreciate all of this. I love that you go back and repost and refresh old links.

Sorry to nitpick, but the I-Rails "live 1990" link is the same as the "Nine Songs From Nowhere" link. Is that intentional, are they part of the same archive file or no?

spavid said...

Will try to remedy the live show link soon. Sorry for any confusion.

Patricio said...

Thanks a lot!!!!

Indiggy said...

Loving the Pop Art re-ups - thank you! Unfortunately the links to PVAc for "A Perfect Mental Picture" and "Snap Crackle" that are referenced in your posts are no longer available. Any chance you've got those to share? Can't say enough about your site