Friday, July 14, 2017


Thanks for your requests.  My apologies in taking so long to attend to them.  

Icons - Are in the Dark
milf - feasting on fried afterthoughts parts 1 and 2
Zimmermen - Rivers of Corn
Alda Reserve - Love Goes On
further - griptape
V/A - Water Music
Sloth - s/t LP
Fools Face - Tell America
Yazoo Beach - The Solace and the Blaze
Funland - Sweetness ep
Radio Alarm Clocks - Wake Me When It's Over
The Kinetics - Hey La La Lee 7"
Saturnhead - Introducing Arizona's Thin Mistake
Carl Rusk - Blue Period
Truck Stop Love - How I Spent...
fluf - Songs 6 ep
Todd Newman - Too Sad for Words & Temporary Setback 
Ben Kweller - Bromeo & Freak Out
Ben Grim - retro
Bender - demo tape
The Fans - Mystery Date
The Primevals - Sound Hole
Love Camp 7 - s/t ep
Pluto - singles
Sammy - Babe Come Down 7" & Chili Lite 7"
Pollen - Bluette, Crescent, Peach tree
In One - Ascension & Fade
V. Card - Bright 7" & Pool Shark ep


Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for these. Any chance you have The Del Fuegos live at Peabody's Down Under from 12/4/89? Looking to get a recording from the last line-up of the band. I saw this show listed on an inactive blog, but the file doesn't have all the songs. I'm guessing you may have the full show.

spavid said...

I'm afraid I don't have any of it Earthdog. My apologies.

Robert Nagle said...

Thanks for keeping your links up to date. FYI, if you (or readers of this blog) are looking for a way to bulk unzip lots of zip files, I have been using the (free!) ExtractNow utility. I think I have used it the most for your site :)