Sunday, April 30, 2017

Re-ups for April

My apologies for being so tardy in attending to your requests.  Nonetheless, always my pleasure.  Have at it.

The Records - A Sunny Afternoon in Waterloo
The Grays - rarities & live at CBGBs 1994
Jason Falkner - rarities 
V/A - Why Do You Think They Call it Pop
V/A - Sorry Ma - Athens, GA Replacements tribute
V/A - So What - Austin, TX Replacements tribute
Tobin Sprout - Waxnails ep MP3 or FLAC 
The Bogarts - Huh? tape 
The No-Nos - Secret Luminaries
The Blases - s/t LP
Dangtrippers - Incantation 7"
The Embarrassment - Retrospective tape
Velvet Elvis - What in the World
Those French Girls - s/t LP
Sister Psychic - Catch and Release
Dark Globe - Life is Research
The Strawberry Zots - Cars, Flowers, Telephones
Glass Eye - Marlo ep
The Contras - Ciphers in the Snow
Bring Home the Lobsters - tape 
Alter Boys - Piles 7" & demo
Enemies in the Grass - Blind Crossing ep and 7"
Rayon City Quartet - Blue Suit and Tie
The Customers - Green Bottle Thursday
Unholy Wives - When Sanity Sleeps
Tall Tales & True - s/t ep


jfisk said...

Any chance of posting anything by pre-Game Theory band Alternate Learning? Thanks!

chespo said...

Thanks so much.

spavid said...

I think another blog or two might be sharing the Alternate Learning records, but wil confirm. I only have MP3s, no original vinyl unfortunately.

jfisk said...

I haven't been able to find them anywhere online. If you do and could direct me, I'd appreciate it!

Greg Skillman said...

Your efforts are much appreciated! Any chance Hege V - House Of Tears can get re-put?