Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Re-ups (by request and otherwise).

Eric Menck and Paul Chastain - Firetrucks and Periwinkles 
Jellyfish - Fanclub disk 1 (links for disks 2-4 should still be active)
Guided By Voices - Beyond the Bars and Churches
Semantics - Powerbill
Glide - Open Up and Cropon: The B-sides
Indian Bingo - Scatological and Overwrought
Grand Champeen - live Soul Asylum tribute 2006
The Slurps - 7" ep
Not Rebecca - Three Feet Thick 7"
Fighting Cause - Deadtown 7" ep
Rail - two eps
Misstakes - National Pastime
Doleful Lions - Song Cyclops outtakes
Apology - Pass You By ep 
Living Dolls - Emotional Parade ep
Thumbs - s/t LP
Young Pioneers - tape
Big Dipper - Impossible Things ep
Mockers - Culprit and the King
Gnome - Six-Hi Surprise Tower & Fiberglass
Full Fathom Five - 4 A.M.
Well Nigh Forgotten - Betty's Wake
Luxurious Bags - Frayed Knots 
Electric Blood - Electric Easter
Blatant Dissent - Hold the Fat
Ratcat - s/t ep and This Nightmare
Jet Black Berries - Sundown on Venus
Five Gears in Reverse - Trailer tape, Merry X-mas tape 


Rich said...

Thanks for Re-upping Five Gears In Reverse!

Pernt said...

Ah, the first disc of Jellyfish's "Fan Club". Awesome. Thanks for the early Christmas present.

2016 has sucked balls, but your blog has been one of the few bright spots. Hope you have an awesome holiday season!


Dante said...

It's the guy from your Ocean Blue post again! Could you reup your Ocean Blue "1988 Demos" compilation too when you get the chance? Been looking for it absolutely everywhere!

Unknown said...

Hello again, my friend...any chance of a re-reup of the Gnome releases? I've got Fiberglass on cassette, but my current set-up prevents me from ripping tapes. I may require a better amplifier. In any event, I'd love to get these two digitally, if possible. Thanks as always for everything you do!