Friday, May 20, 2016

Another rash of re-ups.

I usually wait until the end of the month to get to these, but given the volume of requests, and neglected files I thought of myself, I opted not to procrastinate.  Over fifty items can be had in this cavalcade.  Have at it.

The Pursuit of Happiness  - I'm an Adult Now ep and demos 
Facecrime - Sex and Revolution ep 
Big Drill Car/Chemical People - split 7" (Kiss, Cheap Trick covers!)
Ultra Cindy - Mermaid's Parade and Whirlwind 7"
3 1/2 Minutes - Bled Me Dry ep and Peep ep
V/A - Wyatt's Torch
V/A - Diamonds and Porcupines
V/A - Discordia Concors
V/A - Peppermint Stick Parade
V/A - Bad Timing - a Perth Pop Retrospective
V/A - Endangered Species 6 x 7" box
Stiffs, Inc - Nix Naught Nothing 
Close Lobsters - Nature Thing CDS
Shepherds of Hot Pavement - s/t
Gladstones - Jeremy
That Hope - Eight Dollar Hat
Two Small Bodies - North 421 ep 
The Gas - Emotional Warfare
Rubber Bush - s/t
The Othermothers - No Place Like Home
Marshal Fields - s/t ep
Times Beach - Love and Politics tape
Tirez Tirez - Social Responsibility  
Sycamores - 7"
Badgers - Picnic ep
Black Eyed Susans - s/t LP
Dharma Bums - Givin' In 7"
Manifesto - Burn 7"
One Million Pieces - 7"
Dryhouse - Hayride 7" ep
Third Rail - End It
Anastasia Screamed - Laughing Down the Limehouse
Thermals - Insound Tour Support ep
Male Bonding - Ruff demos and Bratwell Shed sessions
Lilys - Services for the Soon to be Departed
Get Smart - Words Move 7" ep
Jon Auer - 1994 demos
Phones - Dial Direct
Godrays - Songs for TV Stars ep
Godrays/Rodeo Boy - split single
Four Point Star - 7"
Waterdog - s/t
Crocodile Shop -Head
What Now - Small Record with Four Songs ep
Beauty Constant - Like the Enemy & demos
aMINIATURE - Foreign Room 7"
Piper Cub - 7"
Latter Day Saints - Plaster City 7"
Wire Train - I'll Do You 7"
Alter Boys - Soul Desire
Dewey Defeats Truman - Road to Nowhere Maps ep
Ground Round - Memories Better Left Behind
The Blases - s/t LP
Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep
Numbers - Add Up
Pop Art - s/t ep and Long Walk to Nowhere
Dark Globe - Life is Research

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jonder said...

Thank you for once again fulfilling my re-up request!