Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fresh re-ups.

Stone Roses - Ultimate rarities 
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic alternate versions
Reivers - End of the Day demos & Saturday demos
Vertigo - Rub 7" ep
Einstein's Rice Boys - Civil Rice
Oysters - Green Eggs and Ham
Starry Eyes - s/t ep
Purple Ivy Shadows - White Electric
Kustomized - 7"
aMINIATURE - Plexiwatt
Close Lobsters - demos
Feelies (as Foggy Notion) - play the Velvet Underground 5/14/83
Ridel High - Recycle Bin & "Mouthful of You" 7"
White Sisters - tape
Kid With Man Head - 7" and demo 
Miracle Legion - Out to Play ep
Glass Eye - Marlo ep & Huge
Spooner - Mean Old World 7"
Dentists - Heads and How to Read Them & Naked ep
Spiral Jetty - Tour of Homes & Art's Sand Bar
Gladhands - All is Well...  
Red House - There is a Window
Bardots - Eye Baby
Silos - About Her Steps
Let's Active - 1988 flexi disk
V/A - Squares Blot Out the Sun
V/A - Listen and Learn With Vibro-phonic
Wondermints - Proto Pretty 7"
The Proof - It's Safe
Lonesome Strangers - Lonesome Pine
Fuzzy - s/t LP and Flashlight 7"
Dolce Vita - s/t ep
Creeper Lagoon - rarities & live in Boise 1998
Hangmen - Used ep
Lifeboys - The Living Class ep
A Picture Made - Past ep & 7" 
Ff - Lady Shoe
B-Time - Taking Trains ep


jonder said...
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klaw said...

I was unaware of this blog when you posted the Jolt singles collection. Please include that in a fresh re-up post, I beg you. Keep up the important work.

jonder said...

Thank you for answering my re-up request for the Kustomized single. I found a copy of it in a record store this past weekend! It's like buying the vinyl and getting a free download code, but in reverse.

Mykal Skall said...

Trying to get to the Glass Eye uploads, but Zippyshare just keeps loading me up with spyware! Please share elsewhere?

corycmc said...

Could you please include Lifeboys - The Living Class in your next set of re-ups? I missed it! Would be greatly appreciated. thanks