Saturday, February 27, 2016

Re-ups for February.

All of your requests and then some.  Enjoy.

Buzzcocks - live 1993-2001 (2002 web only cd)
Rifle Sport - Primo & White
Datura Seeds - Who do You Want it to Be?
Ward 8 (Winter Hours) - demo
Rich Kids - Burning Sounds
Rain Parade - Demolition 
Luxury - ep
Wondermints - 1988 demos/covers, Proto Pretty 7"
Beatnik Cafe - Herbs and Spices tape
Naiomi's Hair - Bag Truck tape
Nyack - 11 Track Player
Buford - 7" ep
Beatnik Flies - From Parts Unknown
Pink Noise Test - Electric Train ep & 7"
Odolites - Face Down in the Violets, Persistence of Memory ep, Chimes 7"
Pengwins - Mad About the Band ep
Lustre - s/t
Jellyfishbabies - The Unkind Truth About Rome
The Keys - Grand Opening ep
Band 19 - Dictate ep
Humans - Happy Hour
Young Executives - Honey, I'm Home ep
Shadow Minstrels - Great Expectations ep
The Squares - Enjoy Yourself and Answer
Get Smart! - Action Reaction, Words Move ep
Nubs - Job/Little Billy's Burning 7"
UFOFU - singles collection
New Sweet Breath - singles collection
Zumpano - singles
V/A - Some New Ruins
V/A - So What - Austin, TX Replacements tribute
V/A - Sorry Ma - Athens, GA Replacements tribute
Teardrop Explodes - Piano
Small 23/J Church - split 7"
fluf/J Church - split 7"
Porcelain Boys/Marble split 7"
Blue Trapeze - Mask and Marquee 


tom said...

Thanks for the Rich Kids

mostergren said...

Thank you for the re-up Winter Hours and Ward 8. It's now a dizzy 1985 deja vu in my head!

Johann B. said...
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Stathis said...

Thanks for Porcelain Boys.

Pernt said...

Man, another virtual armload of amazing music. It's going to take me weeks to get through it all. Thanks again for all the tunes.


jonder said...

You may have seen this request already, but I'd love it if you would post a new link to the Kustomized "The Day I Had Some Fun" single. Thanks!