Friday, August 28, 2015

Re-ups for August.

Here's the latest round of reinstated links.  Thanks for your requests, and for keeping things interesting around here.

Superchunk - On Paper it Made Perfect Sense ep
Heavy Blinkers - Hooray for Everything
Buzz of Delight - Sound Castles ep +
Tsunami - Cow Arcade tape, Poodle 7"
The Pods - It's a Bummer About Bourbie ep
The Piersons - Appleberry Wine
Pollyanna - Long Player
Alcohol Funnycar - singles, etc
The Mutts - Stinko's Ranch, s/t ep
Greenberry Woods - Shorty ep
Spaghetti Western - s/t LP
Eyesinweasel - tour 7"
V/A - Evil I Do Not 7" box
Tame & Talking - s/t ep
Cactus World News - Spin "Special Forces" concert series (live, 1986)
Cinnamon - Cream Soda
Christmas (the band) - Invisible Girl 7"
Big Dipper - Impossible Things ep
Big Star - live 1994
Sour Landslide - They Promised Us Jobs
further - Griptape, Sometimes Chimes, Grimes Golden ep
Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We Have
Short Dogs Grow - Matt Dillon
Badgers - Picnic ep   
Hollins Ferry - s/t LP
O-Positive - Only Breathing/Cloud Factory
Ozma - Songs of (In)Audible Trucks and Cars
Outside World - s/t tape
Chainsaw Kittens - Mother (of the Ancient Birth) 7"
Buzz Hungry - At the Hands of Our Intercessors
Mercyland - No Feet on the Cowling
Indian Bingo - Overwrought & Scatological
Redd Kross - Third Eye demos
Mega City Four - Magic Bullets


Pernt said...

I've praised you up and down several times before, but I have to reiterate: your blog keeps sad, lonely music nuts like myself coming back to the Internet day after day after day.

Thanks again for all your hard work, and fun commentary. Wilfully Obscure is my first stop on the Net, every single morning!


spavid said...

Thanks Pernt (Don). Glad to hear I'm still making a connection. I appreciate the kind words.

Jonathan Nieve said...

Hi Mr. Willfully, Thank you very much for the requested Mercyland and Buzz Hungry!You are a man among men (I'm actually not sure what that means, but I mean it in the nicest way).

Unknown said...

Dear WO, I would love to see a re-up of "Amateur Hour." The "Shorty EP" got me all nostalgic about Greenberry Woods / Splitsville. If you get the chance. No worries if not. Otherwise, thanks for all the effort you put into this site and to giving all of this music a chance to be heard. Cheers!

Bruce K. said...

Thank you for the specific re-up I requested, but thank you too for the effort on all the others.

Like some of the commenters above and many others, I have "found" much great music through this site. It's an amazing resource.

And if anyone is ever complaining about impacts on sales, stuff I heard through this site has led me to buy CD's from several artists that otherwise I would never even have heard OF.