Friday, July 24, 2015

Re-ups for July.

Another month, another laundry list.  Hope I was able to fulfill some of your requests.  

Straitjacket Fits - live on KPFK 1989
Close Lobsters - demos
The Fluid - Clear Black Paper, Freak Magnet, Roadmouth
GBV - Beyond the Bars and Churches & To Trigger a Synapse
84 Nash - Band for Hire
Carl Rusk - Blue Period
Sebadoh - Oven is My Friend 7" ep
Sebadoh/Azalia Snail - split 7"
Moped - It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow
The Hang Ups - 7"
Naiomi's Hair - Tara
Beat Clinic - Same Bed, Different Dreams
Hardship Post - Hack ep & 7"
Pollyanna - Junior Rock
V/A - Scalping the Guru (GBV tribute)
V/A - GBGBV (GBV tribute)
Tommy Keene - Retrospective digital bonus tracks 
Matt Allison - "Hard Look at Perfect" 7"
Poster Children - Clock Street ep
Frontier Theory - Atlantic & No Waltz in the Meadow 
The Animated - 4 Song ep
Sister Psychic - Catch and Release
Living Dolls - Emotional Parade ep 
Perfect Daze - two eps 
Oversoul Seven - Fool Revolution mLP & s/t LP 
The Dads - s/t LP (a MUST hear)
Uncle Green - 15 Dryden
Yazoo Beach - The Solace and the Blaze
Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane & Lisp ep
The Reactions - Cracked Marbles ep 
Arcwelder - Jacket Made in Canada/This
Map of the World - An Inch Equals a Thousand Miles ep
Gaunt - Whitey the Man ep & rarities
V/A - The Iowa Compilation
V/A - Water Music Compilation
V/A - Declaration of Independents
The No-Nos - Secret Luminaries
Nyack - 11 Track Player
Orange Roughies - two song sampler
Barkmarket - Easy Listening
Desperate Hours - s/t ep


Rolo Tomasi said...

Yes! Thanks for the Orange Roughies reup! :D

Pernt said...

Looks like another haul of great tunes. Thanks again for all your hard work!