Friday, June 12, 2015

A rash of re-ups.

The latest (and perhaps not so greatest) revived links.  Click the artist name to be taken to the original entry, or the title to go straight to the download link.  

Lotion - two eps
Dentists - Naked ep
Delusions of Grandeur  - Picture Perfect Martyr ep
Falling Stairs - That and a Quarter ep
fig. 4 (Tobin Sprout) - s/t LP
New Creatures - Rafter Tag
Bevil Web/3 Dream Bag - split 7"
Figgs/Prisonshake - split 7
My Vitriol - 1999 demos
Rapture of the Deep - Under Quabbin ep
Bad Bob - Now is Reaction
Papas Fritas - Friday Night 7"
I Love You - s/t LP & live ep
Dambuilders - God Dambuilders Bless America
Treepeople - singles
Sex Clark Five - Antedium
45 Spiders - Standard Forms of Communication
The Nines - 1994 demo tape
The Surf - Out of Step ep
Trilobites - I Can't Wait for Summer to End ep
New Radiant Storm King - Rival Time
The Burdons - s/t LP
The Idle Strand - Blackberry Way & Cut and Run
The Strand - Seconds Waiting
Flag of Convenience (Steve Diggle) - Northwest Skyline & War on the Wireless Set
Meices/Corduroy - split 7"
Meices/Fastbacks - split 7"


Rolo Tomasi said...

Thanks a lot!.

Could you reupload the couple of song of the Orange Roughies posted in ?

I already asked to last year but I never lost hope :D

Pernt said...

Hi! You are doing a great service for music fans everywhere. I think I speak for everyone who visits your blog regularly when I say: We love you. Unconditionally. (blush)

Unfortunately, I don't know if it's my system, but the fig. 4 link doesn't work. Both the direct link and the one on the write-up page say the file doesn't exist. Any chance you could check it when you get sec? Of all the re-ups this month, that's the one I want the most. An-ti-ci-pa-tion!!!!


spavid said...

I just fixed the fig. 4 link. Sorry about that. Will try to get the Roughies link up and working again soon.

The Salvager said...

Thanks for the My Vitriol!

shane said...

And thank you again...

Corduroy - 1993.10.20 KZSU 90.1 FM, Stanford University, Wednesday Night Live Session

01 Wednesday Night Live Theme
02 Jan Michael-Vincent
03 Sister Bigfoot
04 Just My Way
05 Unknown
06 Teeth + Unknown
07 Hum
08 Language Of Mine
09 Can't Stay Here
10 Stranded
11 Teenage Kicks (Undertones)
12 Unknown
13 Help, I'm Trapped + Unknown
14 Wednesday Night Live Promo
15 Strychnine Porcupine (Denouce Institusation Nationism 7")
16 Interview
17 I'll Be On My Way (I'll Get Around To It 7")

spavid said...

Awesome! Thanks for this Shane. Really appreciate it.

jonder said...

Thanks for responding to my request to repost the Figgs/Prisonshake split! I truly appreciate it.