Friday, May 22, 2015


Here are the latest revived links.  Clicking on the artist will take you to the original entry, and selecting the title will take you directly to the download link.  Enjoy. 

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Nothing Wrong
Close Lobsters - Janice Long Session ep
Timco - Friction Tape
Nice Strong Arm - Stress City
Passion Pit - Starter kit (remixes, outtakes) & live Glastonbury 2009
Stürm Group - s/t
Moving Parts - s/t ep 
Deep 6 - Garage D'or
The Nevermen - Monitor
The Empty Set - Lost in the Riptyde
Waves of Grain - The West Was Fun
Waterdog - s/t
Honeywagon - tape
Brown Lobster Tank - Our First Album
Yuji Oniki - Shonen Blue
Kid With Man Head - 7" and demo
White Cross - When the Fabrics Torn ep
Tirez Tirez - Social Responsibility
Jane From Occupied Europe - Coloursound
Guided By Voices - The Carefree Kitchens Are a Blast
Beezewax - A Dozen Summits
Polvo - s/t ep & Cor-Crane Secret demos
Field Trip - Beautiful
The Verge - Habitual ep
Fuzzy - s/t LP
Sleep Capsule - singles
Pipe - singles
The Dazzlers - Feeling Free
Polara - Monongahelo 7"
Noise Petals - s/t mLP 


Ryan said...

link for Fuzzy is invalid :(

spavid said...

Fixed it. Thanks Ryan.

Donna said...

thank you so much for Tirez Tirez!

etcetera said...

Wrong link for Waterdog too...

spavid said...

Fixed it.

etcetera said...

The link to
Cor-Crane Secret demos
is also broken...

nekrodad said...

Did you find any Conditionz

Peter Tron said...

cheers spavid!

for the cs related uploads.
well, the reissues have been pushed back to mid-november...arrrgghhh!!

i was really hoping to blast these out in the heat of the summer :(

spavid said...

I know. A bit of a bummer Peter. Will give me more time to pace out a few more CS-related entries at least.

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for these, any chance of some Wire bootlegs? I just saw them this week in Cambridge, MA and they were awesome as usual.

The Snake said...

Can you please re-up Waves Of Grain? Thanks!