Saturday, March 21, 2015

Re-ups for March.

Here's the latest, based mostly on your requests.  Lots of the Mitch Easter productions are revived, btw.  Enjoy.

V/A - Ten Cent Fix
Hollowmen - Sinister Flower Gift
Fig Dish - Unleash the Cracken
Juliana Hatfield - live in Toronto11/18/97
Parasites - Pair of Sides
The Pranks - Floobie
Painted Willie - Upsidedowntown & My Fellow Americans ep, Ragged Army 7"
New Jetz - s/t mLP
Lifeboat - s/t ep
Cries - Between the Bricks ep
Crocodile Shop - Head ep
Dish - Mabel Sagittarius ep and 7"
Downsiders - s/t LP
Foreign Bodies - s/t ep
Furlongs - 2300 Ward
Hege V - House of Tears ep


Casey said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the Painted Willie stuff! Please don't forget to upload their first single as well (and 1986 album Mind Bowling if possible). Hints for the near future posts: Chris D. & Divine Horsemen, Trotsky Icepick albums, the very last Angst album etc. ... I am looking fwd to ... Kind regards

spavid said...

We'll see Jakob. A lot of the Trotsky stuff is available on iTunes from what I recall. Mind Bowling got reissued. Just fixed the link to the PW single.

spavid said...

I'm digging Slanted Casey. Thanks for the link. We'll see about getting a review up.

Stathis said...

Thanks for all.
After "A Picture Made - Past EP", can you also repost "God Loves A Hell Of A Man" 7"?

Best Regards

Mark said...

Could you re-up New Jetz? Thank you!!