Thursday, October 16, 2014

A bucket load of re-ups.

Here's the latest laundry list.  Thanks for your requests.

The Replacements - How Did the Vomit Get on the Ceiling?
The Purdins - 7" ep
Pollyanna - Didn't Feel a Thing
Smile - early singles
V/A - Never Mind the Jacksons, Here's the Pollocks
Monsterland - Smile tape
Gloritone - Cup Runneth Over
The dB's - Live at Criminal Records 2011
Popular Front - This is the Rubicon
Fudge - 20th Century Masters: The Singles Collection
The Werefrogs - Swing
Laurels - Burn 7" ep
The Belltower - 7"
In One - Sour Yellow State 7"
Comet - This is Freedom 7"
Ward 8 - tape
Winter Hours - Leaving Time
Trilobites - I Can't Wait for Summer to End
The Mice - Who Cut the Cheese?
The Meices - early singles, Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told
Snake Corps - two EPs
Anastasia Screamed - Laughing Down the Limehouse
VA - Lessons From Little Hits: 1, 2, 3 & 4
Sometime Sweet Susan - Fuse & Point ep
Chemistry Set - s/t ep and 7"
The Heartbeats - Pulsator
The Dads - s/t LP
Bloody Chicletts - Presenting...
Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. - s/t
Trashcan Sinatras - live at Slims, 2005
Stuntman - s/t
Black-eyed Susans - s/t
Silent Partner - 7" ep


Elgin Mills said...

Just found your blog and am a happier guy for it. Thanks. Maybe a lot to ask but if there's any chance you can reup Those French Girls, well, that's be awesome.

Elgin Mills said...

Hold the phone. No worries, mate. Found it. Thanks again for the great blog.

etcetera said...

Oh what a true *gem* The Meices "Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told" is !

Unknown said...

I have a request. I don't think you've put it up before but it seems like it would be in your wheelhouse. "Dirty Looks" S/T (1980) on Stiff. Searching the web, I've seen two or three dead links from 2008. Nobody has it up now. Thank you very kindly. I love your blog! -Steve

Lainagier said...

Super thanks!

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for the Trashcans set. Could you re-post the Spiffy(Descendents-related) singles at some point? Thanks!

B said...

The link for that Laurels EP seems to have expired again, any chance of a re-up?