Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another round of re-ups.

Have fun.  Thanks for the requests.

Candy - Whatever Happened to Fun demos
Tommy Keene - retrospective bonus, Strange Alliance
V/A - Blatant Doom Trip - Guided by Voices tribute
Velocity Girl - singles collection, live 1993, live 1994 radio broadcast
Let's Active - Big Plans for Everyone demos
Jellyfish - Fan Club box, disks 1, 2, 3 & 4
Jon Auer - demos
Danny and the Doorknobs - Poison Summer
Knots - Heartbreaker 7"
Chain Link Fence - Fireworks ep and Positive ep
Ratcat - Ratcat ep and This Nightmare
Breaking Circus - Very Long Fuse, Smoker's Paradise, The Ice Machine
Element (101) - Future Plans Undecided
Crackerbash - Singles Collection
Days Of... - LP
Fingers - Video Games ep
Helmet Boy - s/t LP
Acid Drops - 7" ep
Huw Gower - Guitarophilia ep
O Positive - Only Breathing/Cloud Factory eps
Jellyfishbabies - The Unkind Truth About Rome
Pollyanna - Junior Rock


Unknown said...

Spavid - Did you ever happen to track down the Jellyfishbabies' s/t debut? "The Unkind Truth About Rome" is a really interesting listen.

spavid said...

No. I never found it. Could you share it?

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for these-could you re-up the first Grandpaboy single at some point?

spavid said...

Just updated the Grandpaboy link.

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for the re-up on Grandpaboy! If you could add these to your next re-up list: Full Fathom Five and Zen Arcade outtakes (Session/link #2 only)

David said...

Spavid - Nope, sorry. I do not have it. There's always Discogs in case you're interested in acquiring it:

Further listening of "The Unkind Truth About Rome" has me less interested in the band, honestly. Cool band name, cool cover art; wish the songs were a bit more my style, though.

lucky said...

chain link fence!

I remember buying those throbbing lobster eps

thanks for the flashback

Odor of Odors said...

just came across this blog looking for Salem 66. expired, could you please re-up?

spavid said...

Will try to get Salem up again soon. Keep checking back.

Unknown said...

Can the Jellyfishbabies be reuploaded? Pretty please!