Saturday, August 23, 2014


Here's the latest salvo kids.  Thanks for your requests.

The Posies - Broadcasts Vols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
Gnome - Six-Hi Surprise Tower, Fiberglass, 7"
Chainsaw Kittens - Mother 7"
Fabulous Knobs - EP
Let's Active - live Chicago 1984
Reeve Oliver - Baladchu ep
I-Rails - Same Old Me 7"
Gladhands - All is Well That Ends Well
V/A - Why do You Think They Call it Pop?
Tunstin Gat - 7" ep
Schatzi - Joanie Loves Schatzi
Viva Caramel - s/t LP
The Reivers - Saturday demos & End of the Day demos
Spatula - Even the Thorny Acacia
V/A - More of Our Stupid Noise
The Donner Party - Complete Recordings 
Riff Doctors - demo tape
Teeze - s/t ep
Starry Eyes - s/t ep
Beauty Constant - Like the Enemy
The Wrens - Overnight Success & 7"
Hollins Ferry - s/t LP
Even the Odd - s/t LP
Icons - Art in the Dark
Third Floor Strangers - Last Chance
The Fans - Cars and Explosions 7"
Private Plain - Godwatching ep
Senator Flux - Bake the Candle... ep 
The Five - s/t LP


stewrat said...

always a few treats here - thanks for posting these audio gems. Is there a chance in the next group you could re-up the lp by the Pittsburgh/Boston band "The Five"? I've been looking for this forever! Cheers

Unknown said...

There is no link for "Senator Flux - Bake the Candle... ep"

spavid said...

I just fixed the Senator Flux link and re-upped The Five. Thanks for the request stewrat.

stewrat said...

I had track 12 - When Yr Done on a Boston Emissions radio tape from 1987/1988 and I've been looking for that song ever since. Make my day!!! Cheers (and thanks for the incerdibly fast re-up!)

ALG said...

Thanks for all the re-ups! Any chance that you can re-up Blatant Doom Trip (GBV trib.)?

robgronotte said...

Posies broadcasts 4-7 are dead again, just found them. :(