Friday, July 11, 2014

Fresh re-ups

Many of you lot already know the Netkups links are currently (and more likely permanently) inactive.  While I'm looking for a long term solution for as much of the Wilfully Obscure library as possible, I'm going to try to keep on top of your requests.  Here's what I was able to attend to this week:

Papas Fritas - Friday Night 7"
Cheticamp - Aeroplane vs. Automobile
Grand Champeen - Out Front By the Van
Drop Nineteens - Mayfield
Playground - Bent Lost or Broken
Sycamores - 7" ep
I-Rails - Nine Songs from Nowhere
Infections - Sub-Rosa
Woofing Cookies - 7"
Perfect Daze - two eps
Norberts - Mishmish ep
Mad Turks From Istanbul - Cafe Istanbul
Stiffs Inc/Jonathan Fire Eater - split 7"
Fire in the Radio - Red Static Action
Straitjacket Fits - live KPFK 1989
Fools Face - Tell America
Tugboat Annie - Superfriends
Sister Psychic - Catch and Release
Difference Engine - Breadmaker & 7"
Venus Beads - A Client/Shackled eps, Black Aspirin, Incision, first 7"
Dragnet - Life in General


Robert Cass said...

Do you plan to re-up Papas Fritas's "Friday Night" seven-inch at any point? I can provide some incentive by sending you a few demos from the Belgium-only "Vertical Lives" CD single as well as unreleased demos from the "Helioself" and "Buildings and Grounds" albums if you'd like. Thanks.

spavid said...

Hey Robert. Just fixed the link for you. Would love to hear anything and everything you mentioned. You're more than welcome to send me a link to a zip file. I might have some very early PF demos to share in the future too. Thanks.

Robert Cass said...

Thanks! I appreciate it, and I'll send you a zip file or Dropbox link soon.

As for your 10/30/11 "Wanted!" post, after I wrote a Papas Fritas record-guide post three years ago, Tony Goddess contacted me and we exchanged a few friendly e-mails. He asked if I would consider formally correcting the band's entry on Wikipedia in exchange for some rarities, but I don't think even he has copies of the demo tapes you listed (though I could be misinterpreting what you meant by "official demo tapes"). When I asked about them for the sake of fact checking, however, Tony wrote:

"We self-released two cassettes in 1993, 'Retards/Cowboys' and 'Careers for Culture Lovers,' then the 'Friday Night' single in '94. Minty [Fresh] heard that, signed us, and we released the 'Passion Play' 45 that had the heavy guitar version of 'Lame to Be' (also now on 'Pop Has Freed Us') on the b-side. The CD/EP version of 'Passion Play' had two songs from 'Retards/Cowboys' and one from 'Careers' on it."

tomatodon said...

wonderful, great band. loved them. always want to hear more. thanks.

WDM said...

Hey Spavid, please change the link for WildDevilRules into:

This is my new Blog, check it out mate...thanx & cheers!!!

spavid said...

Gonna miss WDR, but bring on WDTHTC! Updated the link.

Rob-in-Brevard said...

Hey spavid - as you're thinking about alternatives to Netkups, you may want to look into Dropbox. I've been really pleased with it for my blog: no ads, fast DL speeds, and it costs no more than a monthly premium account at one of the better-known commercial file servers. Dropbox works like a private cloud storage service, so little risk of something getting yanked without my knowledge or permission...

lucky said...

never heard the papas fritas single

can I suggest "Firetrucks and Periwinkles" for a re up?

Big fan of the crush/honeybunch thing