Friday, June 6, 2014

Re-ups from the past two weeks.

Enjoy.  Thanks for your requests.

Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. - s/t
The Chant - Two Car Mirage/Three Sheets to the Wind
No Knife - singles
VA - Groin Thunder (Troggs Tribute)
Bridge Climbers - Full Bag Don't Bend
Slumber - demo tape
Man Sized Action - Claustrophobia
Bring Home the Lobsters - tape
The Fans - Mystery Date
Pollyanna - Hello Halo flac or mp3
Edge Park - Personal Fable
Heliotroupe - Anything Under the Sun
Swell Maps - rare swill
Jane From Occupied Europe - Coloursound
The Odolites - Face Down in the Violets, Persistence of Memory ep, Chimes 7"
The N - ep
The Hollowmen - Sinister Flower Gift
Oznerol - ep


. said...

I say old bean - any chance of the Sneetches "Slow"?

Unknown said...

Thank you man! :)

Superbillie1 said...

Thank you very much for your effort with the re-ups and special Thankx for Pollyanna in Flac ! you are great ! Greetings


spavid said...

At this time I don't have the Sneetches "Slow." Sorry about that.