Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Here's the latest:

Datura Seeds - Who Do You Want it to Be?
Dryer - Beauty Parade tape and eps
Swirlies - 1991 demo
Pitchblende/Swirlies  split 7"
Carl Rusk - Blue Period
Young Executives - Honey, I'm Home ep
Various Artists "Letter" folder mixes - B, D, E, G, H, O, P
Didjits - Backstage Passout 
The Touchables - More Than a Glimpse ep
TSAR - King of School ep and  SBN session
Salem 66 - Your Soul is Mine 
Not Shakespeare - ep  
Sleep Capsule - singles
Young Pioneers - tape
Pure Joy - Unsung
Green River - Live 1987
Cannon Heath Down - Heart Throb Companion
The Dads - s/t LP
Ultra Cindy - Mermaids Parade
Various - Wyatt's Torch
The Germs - GI rough mixes 
Beauty Constant - demos
Lost Luggage - Chateau Relaxeau, Synchronous Ownership ep, demo
The Figgs - Ginger and Rejects 
Other Bright Colors - Endlessly Rocks the Cradle 
Mad Turks From Istanbul - Cafe Instanbul and Toast  
Cactus World News - Spin "Special Forces" Live 1986
The Furlongs - 2300 Ward 
Buzz of Delight (Matthew Sweet) - Sound Castles ep+
Mercyland - No Feet on the Cowling


Unknown said...

Thank you very much

ahordeofrand said...

Glad to see these re-ups. I caught the Ultra Cindy album the first time around, but, somehow, the comp slipped past me. Can't wait to hear those alternate versions and hear the Pooles!

ed said...

please could you re-up overwhelming colorfast Sourdough ep and others eps and compilations

TuxCat09 said...

Any way you could do a re-up of the Mad Turks album "Toast"? I've been really into Cafe Istanbul, and I didn't know you had uploaded Toast.

Btw, your post for Gentleman Jesse got me hooked.