Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Re-ups, and a few words about dead links.

A few months ago, I became aware that my file host of choice (Netkups) had been deleting my files en masse.  Not due to copyright issues or anything of that sort, rather because some had simply not been accessed for an extended period of time.  By my estimates, a file that remains dormant for 60-90 days gets nixed.  In fact, the majority of the items I've shared have been removed.  In recent months I've received well over a hundred requests, via your emails and comments, to restore selected titles.  I'm doing my best to accommodate you, but I can't get to everything.  Since I became aware of Netkup's backdoor elimination policy (mind you I donate $$ to them on a monthly basis, as a way of doing my part to keep their operation running) I've restored about 75 to 100 dead links.  About thirty that I can think of off the top of my head are outlined below.  Click on the artist's name to be routed to the original entry, or instead, the title to be taken directly to the download link.

Until (and if) I find a permanent location to stash the entirety of the Wilfully Obscure cannon you are welcome to leave requests - just try not to bombard me all at once.   Thanks for your patience.  Your estimated waiting time is...

Versus - Let's Electrify!
Treepeople - singles (1990-93)
Stuntman - self titled
Velvet Elvis - self titled
Breaking Circus - The Very Long Fuse
Breaking Circus - Smokers Paradise
Breaking Circus - The Ice Machine
The Flies - Get Wise
The Flies - s/t ep
V/A - Black Brittle Frisbee
Summercamp - Tonight ep
Johnsons - self titled
Brilliant Orange - s/t ep
Latter Day Saints (Wynona Riders) 7"
Chain Link Fence - Fireworks ep
Chain Link Fence - Positive ep
Ward 8 (Winter Hours) - tape
Voodoo Gearshift - self titled
Glass Eye - Marlo ep
Glass Eye - Huge
Fastbacks/Meices 7"
Philisteens - self titled
dB's - demos 1983-84
Spatula - Even the Thorny Acacia
Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour
Beauty Constant - Like the Enemy
The Haskells - Hopscotch and Bourbon
The Blases - self titled
Marshal Fields - self titled
White Animals - self titled
White Animals - Ecstasy


Unknown said...

How bout this one?

Dinosaur Jr. - The Wagon 7" (Sub Pop 1990)

Also, can I request Sister Psychic ( catch and release LP) and Bone Cellar ( Lost in the Light of the day)
They're very obscure so I hope you might have em :P

Ross Brown said...

You're a mensch, spavid! I think I speak for everyone when I say "thank you."

Robert Nagle said...

Wow, Glass Eye.... How thrilling to finally hear them. Thanks!

spavid said...

No probs Ross.

Should be able to get the Dino Jr. up again soon Jeric. Gotta track down Starry Eyes. Might be able to help with the Sister Psychic...

Unknown said...

Thank you very much! :D Thank you Thank you! :D

righteous tiger said...

How about The Dazzlers - Feeling Free?

Mr_Crass said...

Thanks for all the re-ups!

Mr_Crass said...

Would you be able to re-up Griptape and Sometimes Chimes by further?

Jeremy said...

Blue Trapeze - Mask and Marquee...thanks!

Jeremy said...

Blue Trapeze - Mask and Marquee...thanks!

lolo said...

hi, it seems i have arrived late.... is there any chance of re-uploading the 'chain link fence' ep's?

kind regards

your blog is just unbelievable