Monday, December 8, 2008

Flight of Mavis - s/t (1989, Record Cellar) & Spools (1991, same)

Here's another one from the Johnny Come Lately file. I think I discovered Flight of Mavis browsing Not Lame's some years ago. Since these disks appear to be available through certain online outlets, I'm only going to leave these up for one week.

Based in the Philly area, Flight of Mavis released a brilliant jangle-pop album (self titled), in '89, bringing to mind a myriad of their contemporaries in the deep south, and to a lesser extent Minneapolis. In spots, Frank Brown's vocals faintly suggest Elvis Costello, the album and it's follow-up ep Spools, were not blatant power-pop throwbacks, rather an intoxicating spin on Mavis' collective forebearers. Reissued on CD in 2003, that album is accompanied by five bonus cuts, produced by former dB Gene Holder. A little more biographical info on Mavis can be read here. Brown went onto spearhead another noteworthy outfit, the equally well-received Buzz Zeemer.

01. The First Step
02. Curious
03. Through Her Eyes
04. You Got It
05. We Believe In You
06. I Need You
07. Rain Fallin’ Down
08. See Saw
09. Looking For the Fort
10. On My Mind

bonus tracks:
11. Far Away
12. She Has to Know
13. It’s So Easy
14. I’ll Miss You
15. Skip Around It

Spools ep
01. Through It All
02. Uncertain Series
03. Top of the Pops
04. It Comes in Time
05. Waiting on a Wave
06. Skip Around It

Update: these are currently available from Amazon, Emusic and iTunes. New copies of Flight of Mavis may still be in stock from Not Lame.


bglobe313 said...

Now we're talking. Listening to the self-titled "Flight of Mavis" and this is really good.

One of the things that makes it standout is straightforward, heartfelt lyrics. No attempt at the usual rock coolness here, the guy is laying it out on the line.

The closest thing I can think of at this time is the (real) Libertines (now known as The Libertines US). Libetines were more hard in their sound and somewhat darker in their lyrics but they similarly took the opening made by REM in their own direction with intense, personal lyrics and a twist on the usual jangle rock.

This is more country-ISH, kind of like a more alternative Bodeans.

Thanks a ton,

Ace K.

McPop said...

I enjoy your blog.

Flight of Mavis is a great band!

Any chance you can post those Tubetop singles you mentioned in a previous post?


spavid said...

Tubetop singles will be coming your very soon.

-Your Older Brother, Sam said...

Found someone on Twitter who knows of Flight of Mavis so I did a google search & found someone *else*! FoM was one band I truly felt like I was the only person in the world who knew them. Happy to find out that I'm not. :)

Mike McNamara said...

Just converted my LP which I bought new in 1989 to mp3. Have not listened to FoM in quite a while. Still sounds good!

DJ Caterina said...

Top of the Pops is one of my favorite Flight of Mavis songs - and one of my favorite songs, too!