Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Re-ups for June.

Have at it.

Jellyfish - Fan Club box - Disks 1, 2, 3 & 4
Buzzcocks - Many Random Parts
Wire - Pink Flag/Chairs Missing demos & 154 Rehearsals
Chameleons UK - Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions
Simple Machines tapes - Geek, Slack, Late!, Hated, Saturnine, Mommyheads & My New Boyfriend
Raspberries - From the Vault - MP3 or FLAC
Buck Pets - Rares & demos
Material Issue - What Girls Want ep
The Thumbs - s/t and No Price on Earth
The Hummingbirds - LoveBUZZ and singles
Cavedogs - Joyrides for Shut-ins
Boo Radleys - Giant Steps demos
Snake Corps - two eps 
The Phones (NY) - Dial Direct
The Phones (MN) - Stickman ep
Edge Park - Personal Fable
Humidifier - Nothing Changes and Gazer ep
Heaters - Energy Transfer
Heartbeats - Pulsator
Zeitgeist - Translate Slowly (vinyl rip) 
Poole - two eps
Missed in Diary - Dissolve ep
Desperate Hours - s/t ep
Out of the Fire - Into the Frying Pan
Overwhelming Colorfast - Sourdough ep and 7"
Bum - singles collection
Permanent Green Light - Together 7"
Brave Tears - Silver in the Darkness ep and Mystery Boy 7" 
Siren - Becoming Wheels and In the Absence...ep
The Cry - s/t LP
The Lads - Out From the Shadows
Drongos - s/t & Small Miracles
Dils - Live!
Redd Kross - Switchblade Sister ep & Dinner With LP 
Those French Girls - s/t LP
Hidden Charms - History
Elevators - Frontline
Bleach - Snag & Eclipse eps
Serious Young Insects - Housebreaking
Howard and Tim's Paid Vacation - I Never Met a Girl...
Decorators - Tablets
Rapture of the Deep - Under Quabbin ep
Dryer - Beauty Parade tape & singles 
Porcelain Boys/Marble - split 7"
Remember Maine - The Last Place You Look
Mega City Four - Magic Bullets 
Ff - Lady Shoe & 7"
Big Wheel - East End
The Bible! - Graceland 7"
Blown - Forever
Billy James - Sixes and Sevens
Poi Dog Pondering - 8 Songs tape
Mood Paint - demo
Mood Swing - How to Win Big at the Races ep
The Farewell Party - Here
Upbeats - Pop Songs
Puppies - Fun is Right ep
Mrs. Svenson - Flood Sessions and Rocktopussy
VA - Chanukah singles 2017 (B-Lovers, Red Buckets, Cosmopolitans, Soup, MCS)
VA - The Best of 415 Records
VA - Nobody Gets on the Guest List 
V/A - An Appreciation of Eddie and the Hot Rods "Do Anything You Wanna Do"
V/A - An Appreciation of A Flock of Seagulls "Space Age Love Song" 
VA - Lessons From Little Hits - Vols. 1, 2, 3 & 4
VA - WBNY Alive on Air
Bailter Space - Peel Session 1992
Lost Luggage - Synchronous Ownership ep
Leslies - 7" ep 


Jonathan said...

Thanks for the Buck Pets re-ups. I asked where to buy Rares on Facebook, and Chris Savage ended up sending me the cd. Generous dude.

DiggityDawg said...

I also just got the Buck Pets stuff! And I think I Chris was gonna send me the CD, too...but the message went to my "other" folder, & I didn't see it for months. Oops.

And seeing the Redd Kross re-ups reminded me...I know you just put up a TON of stuff ( & I'm thankful ), but do you have the Jeff McDonald solo album from several years back? I have the cassette, but no way to listen to it. And the LP/CD is pretty hard to get without a 2nd mortgage. Thanks!

Jim H. said...

thanks! i love to re-fill my iTunes library BACk with things I downloaded here, but lost in various removable hard drive failures....

lolo said...

Thank you so much

Cory said...

Thank you for re-posting Brave Tears!! Really appreciate that!

spavid said...

Thanks for your comments folks.

DiggityDawg, I know Jeff McDonald has two solo albums. One is a pretty terrible one from 2009 called "The Outrageous Incantations Of Beatrice Winters" and the other is a self-titled album from 2016. Let me know which you're looking for an I'll try to help.

DiggityDawg said...

Ah - good point. I forgot about the "noise" album. A little perverse part of me would like to hear that, too. BUT - I was talking about the 2016 one that's more in the vein of Redd Kross. Sorry about not being specific. Thanks!

Unknown said...

All right! Thank you for the Little Hits re-up! You have fantastic taste, so I'm looking forward to hearing your selections. Thanks again! BTW, some of your posts mention Toronto - if you still live here, let me know and a beer or five are on me.

thefxc said...

Thanks for Thumbs!

e6gMan said...

Thanks for always surprising me with great finds! The Leslies, The Phones, Blown(RIP Nick Rudd), Snake Corps, Jellyfish, Material Issue.