Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A gallon of re-ups.

Based mostly on your requests.  For the folks asking for the restored Defenestration and Richard Heyman links please refer to the original entries.

REM - Murmur outtakes & rough mixes - MP3 or FLAC
Tinted Windows - live Austin 2009
The Sneetches - Lights Out, Think Again ep, Starfucker ep, Sometimes That's All We Have & 7" 
Pure Joy - Unsung, Getz the Worm, s/t ep, Sore Throte, Ded Goat ep
Flop - singles
The Ocean Blue - demos
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix demos
Rogue Wave - Cover Me
Gladhands - All is Well...
Dreams So Real - Nocturnal Omissions
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - demos
Drop Nineteens - Mayfield
PS I Love You - Heart of Stone
Majesty Crush - Fan ep & Sans Muscles ep
Summercamp - Tonight ep
Treepeople - some singles 
I-Rails - Panharmonium, Nine Songs..., Unfocused, Valentino Says, live 1990 & 7"
G-Whiz - Eat at Eds & split 7" w/ Lonely Trojans
Plasterscene Replicas - Glow
Lions and Dogs - demos
Frontier Theory - Atlantic & No Waltz
Well Well Well - And Rise
Numbers - Add Up
Jane From Occupied Europe - Coloursound
The Crystal Set - From Now On 
The Findells - The Radiators Are Bleeding
Epic Rumors - The Feral Child
Electric Blood - Electric Easter
Popsicle - Lacquer 
Private Plain - Godwatching ep
The Downsiders - All My Friends Are Fish
Yuji Oniki - Shonen Blue
Grand Mal - Binge Purge ep
Man Sized Action - Claustrophobia
New Radiant Storm King - Rival Time
Polvo/New Radiant Storm King - split 7"
Stray Tapes - Flashcube 7"
Gardener - Intermission 7"
Bent Backed Tulips - Tie Me Down 7" 
Engine (88) - 7"
Blanket - Ocean 7"
Halo Bit - 7"
Reivers - Translate Slowly & live KUT radio 1985
Hollins Ferry - s/t LP
Vanilla Chainsaws - s/t LP + single
New Dylans - s/t ep
Just Water - The Riff
Lines - Standby ep
Brave New World - Law of Series ep
Royal Court of China - Off The Beat'n Path
Purple Ivy Shadows - White Electric
Splatcats - tape
Hagfish - two eps
Screaming Broccoli - s/t LP
Foundation - Voyage ep 
Dolce Vita - s/t ep
What Now - Small Record... ep
Sunday Cannons - Red to the Rind ep
Big Barn Burning - Acres and Acres ep
Cuckoos - Sticks and Stones ep
Nullstadt - Flesh 
Sarah Shannon - Estheraho ep
Voodoo Gearshift - s/t LP
Light a Big Fire - Gunpowders ep
Bardots - Eye-Baby & Sad Anne
V/A - This Ain't the Plimsouls
V/A - Scared to Get Happy Addendum
V/A - The Living Room
V/A - Buzz-Oven Vol. 9
V/A - Viva La Vinyl 


thefxc said...


Thanks for all of this! Any chance of a re-up of the Thumbs 1979 S/T LP? Thanks in advance.

jonder said...

Thank you for reposting the Well Well Well album!

Pernt said...

Despite being a long-time reader, I still found a couple of potential gems I missed the first time around. Thanks for all the hard work!

Konrad Useo said...

Much praise to you for your coolest of blogs.

Patricio said...

What about porcelain boys 7¨ split with the marbles. I've been waiting for it for years. Thanks anyway! As usual, great post!

DJ SK said...

Hoping for a re-up of The Chameleons' "The Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions" in the future. Regardless, thanks for all the tunes.

Jonathan said...

Thanks! Here's a re-up request for "The Buck Pets - Rares (and unreleased) (2010) & Mercurotones/To the Quick demos"...