Friday, July 12, 2019

Overdue re-ups.

My apologies for the lack of posts this week.  Hope this compensates.  Stay tuned this weekend

The Mice - Who Cut the Cheese?
The Meices - early singles
Donner Party - Complete Recordings - Discs 1 & 2
Ultra Vivid Scene - eps collection
Happy Hate Me Nots - Out
Haircut 100 - Blue Hat For a Blue Day
Korova Milk Bar - Talking's Boring
Winter Hours - Chicago 10-18-89 - MP3 or FLAC
Rain Parade - Chicago 6-28-86
Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation - I Never Met A Girl I Didn't Like
Outlets - Whole New World
V/A - 2015 Chanukah singles bundle (w/ Bandables, SVT, Diffi-cult, etc)
V/A - Another Damned Seattle Compilation
V/A - Blatant Doom Trip
V/A - WBNY Live on Air 
Spatula - Even the Thorny Acacia
Fitz of Depression - The Awakening 7"
Tinsel - Quite While You're Ahead & 7"
Pollen - Crescent, Bluette, Peach Tree
Think as Incas - Palestine One Mile ep
Crossfire Choir - s/t
The Verge - Habitual ep
Full Moon Tan - ep
The Westmorelands - For Life's History ep
Western Eyes - s/t LP
Wild Giraffes - Right Now
The Trace - Chilling With Binkey
Replicants - s/t
French - two eps
seade - perf
milf - ha ha bus!
No Knife - singles
The Laurels - Burn 7" & Neck
Jumpers - Sick Girls 7"
Tirez Tirez - Social Responsibility
X-Teens - s/t LP & Big Boy's Dreams ep
Alter Boys - Soul Desire 


PaintedBird said...

could you re-up Alter Boys - Soul Desire? Thanks!

spavid said...

Just updated the Alter Boys link. Thanks for the request.

shane said...

She Screamed CDEP + Mercy Seat 12" (not my rips)

Betfair botter said...

Thanks for the re-ups, plenty of us appreciate what you're doing.

zdlrragefan said...

wheres re up?

Kouzie said...

Possible to re-up The Flys Own?

Thanks so much!!