Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Enjoy.  Let me know if I missed anything.

The Diodes - Survivors
Big Dipper - Impossible Things ep
V/A - Lost in the Haze Vol. 14
V/A - 4 on the Floor
Killer Whales - Emotional Geography  
I Love You - Live ep
Gentleman Jesse - Singles & Rarities
For Squirrels - Baypath Road & 1993 demos
Tina, Age 13 - The Alcoholic Father of My Inner Child ep
Big Star - live Chicago 6/8/94
Jupiter - Arum
Grey Parade - The Reason
Whooping Cranes - That's What I Need
Half a Chicken - Food for Thought
Agitpop - Po-Town Tea Party ep
Citrus Groove - Sunswayed ep
Fluid Waffle - s/t ep
Naoimi's Hair - Tara 
Hazel - Ariana ep
Overwhelming Colorfast - Sourdough ep & Sympathy Records 7"
Heavy Blinkers - Hooray For Everything
Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site demos 
The Crush - Here is Where I Cross My Fingers
Gem/Jenny Mae - split 7"
Yuji Oniki - Shonen Blue
Titanic Love Affair - No Charisma ep & Their Titanic Majesties Requests
Newkeys - Acts of Love
Huffy - Anything Goes 7"
Blatant Dissent - Hold the Fat 


PuddleSplasher said...

The only thing I think you missed would be the amazing Jolt post!

Flax Pikko said...

thank youso much for Newkeys album!

Konrad Useo said...

SO much goodness, lost, but now found. Many thanks. I especially enjoy the 1/2 a chicken.

Matthew Schmeer said...

thank thank thank you thank you for the reups!

J Roren said...

Thank you! Been missing that Hazel EP for years!

The Salvager said...


spavid said...

You're welcome. Will try to get to those Joilt re-ups soon.

PuddleSplasher said...

You're truly the best.

solei said...

Great, thank You!

mineforlife said...

can you re-up Blue Movie's "Hearts In Clubs" pretty please?

spavid said...

Your welcome folks. The Jolt and Blue Movie links have been fixed.