Sunday, February 4, 2018

Re-ups and reloads.

The Cuts - s/t LP
The Chant - Two Car Mirage/Three Sheets to the Wind
The Johnsons - s/t LP
Game Theory - Big Shot Chronicles demos
Helmet Boy - s/t LP
Speed the Plough - s/t LP
V/A - Why Do You Think They Call it Pop?
V/A - The Living Room comp
Shortfall - Hooray for Everything
New Sweet Breath - singles
UFOFU - singles
The Papillomas - Corolla, Twice as Early..., When Years Were Bee Stings
The Caretaker Race - Hangover Square
Ramrods - Jivin' & Twistin' ep
Pollyanna - Hello Halo 
Papas Fritas - Friday Night 7"
Willard - Sunshine Wire 7"
The Fluid - live Chicago, 1991
Badbob - Now is Reaction
Pointed Sticks - Raw Power Pop (live)
The Wardells - Now
AV - EP 7"
Dresden - Misadventure
The Bounce - Things That Go Bounce in the Night ep
Baxters - Era Buffet
The Playmates! - Short Wave
The Lads - Out From the Shadows
Brilliant Orange - Happy Man ep
Pengwins - Mad About the Band ep
The Mice - Who Cut the Cheese?
Seafood - Messenger in the Camp
Cod Lovers - French Plums
Sand Rubies - Release the Hounds
The Welcome Mat - Gram
Alligator Gun - Over and Out & singles
V. Card - Bright 7" & Pool Card ep
Radar Mercury - Thank You, Goodnight ep & demo


Robert Nagle said...

I just wanted to express my appreciation for being so diligent about re-upping expired stuff and then listing it in a separate post. That makes it easy to figure out whether I have downloaded it already. (Currently listening to a Sister Jay album I downloaded from this site a while back).

spavid said...

You're more than welcome Robert. Glad you're finding stuff you like.